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The present study was undertaken in the Department of Medicine of MKCG Medical College Hospital, Berhampur, Odisha from January 2006 to December 2007 and gastric emptying time was studied in the Nuclear Medicine Department of the Hospital.
Rhythm recently completed a Phase 1b clinical trial with RM-131 in patients with Type 2 diabetes that also demonstrated a potent prokinetic effect, reducing gastric emptying time by 66% after a single subcutaneous administration, with the greatest improvement observed in patients with the most abnormal gastric emptying.
p Capsule is a wireless, ingestible medical device - about the size of a large vitamin pill - that measures pressure and pH, gastric emptying time, combined small and large bowel transit time, and total transit time.
The glucoregulatory activities include enhancing glucose-dependent insulin synthesis from pancreatic beta cells, decreasing glucagon production, and slowing gastric emptying time.
However, Aloes are not known to affect gastric emptying time (Shelton, 1991).