gastric digestion

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the process of breaking down proteins by the action of the gastric juice in the stomach

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The whey protein serum albumin was degraded during the gastric digestion for 40 min while [beta]-lactoglobulin and some of the [alpha]-lactalbumin were resistant.
The content of flavan-3-ol derivatives dropped greatly after the gastric digestion (Table 1) and the CAGTE was effectively depleted in these major components.
It is widely acknowledged that the SGF assay may not adequately simulate in vivo gastric digestion, in part because in vivo digestion is inherently variable across individuals and within individuals over time (e.
Gastric digestion had long been the subject of speculation and experimentation.
Alvine scientists reported on a simple gastric digestion model they developed to study the ability of ALV003 to degrade gluten in the context of a complex meal.
ABSTRACT : The objective of this study was to develop a model for simulating gastric digestion in the pig.
Persistence of bovine milk xanthine oxidase activity after gastric digestion in vivo and in vitro.