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a natural cavity or hollow in a bone

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However, biopsies of the gastric antrum revealed noncaseating granulomatous inflammation involving the gastric mucosa.
The gastric antrum can be mistaken for the pylorus if the stomach is not distended.
The vaccine induced the generation of Helicobacter-specific antibody secreting cells within the gastric antrum and intestinal duodenum, the site of Helicobacter infections, and vaccination did not exacerbate H.
Biopsies were obtained via the TNE scope, which was subsequently passed into the normal distal esophagus and gastric antrum.
In the Australian dunnert model, RF energy was delivered to the gastric antrum to thermally modify the tissue.
The following day a tagged red blood cell scan indicated evidence of increased activity near the duodenum and gastric antrum (Figure 1).