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surgical removal of all or part of the stomach

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For the study, researchers examined the surgical characteristics and oncologic outcomes of 30 patients who underwent laparoscopic gastrectomy and compared them to 30 patients who had open gastrectomies.
Mr McCulloch,a cancer specialist at Aintree Hospitals NHS Trust,has developed a technique for performing gastrectomies by keyhole surgery.
Gastrectomies used to be a common treatment for gastric ulcers, but now are rarely performed.
In 51 gastrectomies in patients with PGL, intestinal metaplasia was found in 69.
Nirmal Jayaseelan MD of the Dallas Bariatric Center, who has completed numerous Lektrafuse CAIMAN sleeve gastrectomies in as little as 38 minutes, commented, "The Lektrafuse CAIMAN has a unique combination of longer seal length plus articulation, which I believe significantly decreases my procedure time.
If you have any questions about weight loss surgery, including such matters as how to get insurance to cover sleeve gastrectomies and other procedures, your best bet may be to attend one of the regular seminars held at the offices of Dr.