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Synonyms for gassy

resembling gas

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suffering from excessive gas in the alimentary canal

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Tom turned up at Gassy Jack's in Cathays at midnight to watch his backing band play a "jamming" session.
Crewmen, that gassy hiss you keep hearing might not be from last night's tacos.
Holditch Colliery in Staffordshire, known locally as Brymbo Pit, was reputed to be the most gassy colliery in Britain.
Maybe you should stop chasing her," says Gassy Jack.
For the modern drinker, it is our response to the demand for more innovative beers that steer away from the overly gassy and bitter drinks produced by larger brewers.
They are easy to drink -they are never as gassy as lager.
The Company secured 10 meters of coal and carbonaceous shale and 6 meters of gassy sandstone that has all been put in sealed containers and forwarded for desorption testing.
In the USA, residents of a number of towns close to shale gas drilling locations complained their tap water turned cloudy and gassy and could even be ignited.
Jim Goldie, trainer of Nanton and Merchant Of Dubai "Nanton disappointed at Doncaster, he was just a bit free and a bit gassy for his first start of the season.
Bedford's attacking options, the big scrum, heavy maul and gassy threequarters, were always likely to prove too potent.
Bill White deciding to travel to points far from Austin and Dallas while President Barack Obama visits the state today to raise money and speak at the University of Texas presents us with yet another mountain-out-of-a-molehill political story in the long, hot summer of gassy coverage of the governor's race.
The Paranui #11 well spud on 2 June 2010 and reached its final depth of 1,035m after intersecting 30 metres of gassy coal.
At the park, Stanley sees his friends Alice, Nutsy, and Gassy Jack.
Stanley wanders down by the river where he runs into Alice, Nutsy and Gassy Jack.
In the court case, Evans was said to have followed Mrs Davies, of Penarth, to the toilet at Gassy Jack's Pub in Salisbury Road, Cathays, Cardiff, during a lunch to celebrate her promotion, and "accosted" her.