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resembling gas

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suffering from excessive gas in the alimentary canal

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Michelle Wine Estates will also import a new wine -- "Le Fervent" Syrah -- made by Gassier from the Costieres de Nimes, the southernmost sub-appellation of the Rhone Valley, bordering the Mediterranean Sea.
This brings to mind a practically unknown painting from the witchcraft series (Mexico City, private collection: see Gassier and Wilson, op.
WellDog CEO John Pope said mine safety is a worldwide issue and Australia's stringent safety testing requirements and movement to deeper, gassier coal seams provided the perfect environment in which to develop and refine the new technical service.
3 pick was another Rhone newcomer, Vignobles Michel Gassier from the same region as the Calet.
For those exploration and production (E&P) companies making the transition from gassier reserve bases to more liquids-focused ones, lower prices are likely to put a damper on the speed of transition as the internal funding provided by existing oil production is reduced, increasing reliance on asset sales, capital markets funding, or other methods to offset lower realizations.
The remainder of the drilling program is primarily devoted to testing the gassier Lower Bossier (Haynesville) and Marcellus Shales, as we remain committed to the long-term prospects for natural gas as a fuel of choice.
As we've been saying for several years now, our energy future is looking windier and gassier," Harris said.
The Canadian Basin is a slightly gassier, less mature version of the lower 48, particularly at depths of 10,000 feet or deeper, where there is significant remaining gas potential.
In Graz in 1978, he met Christine Gassier, a student of art history and later an aspiring actress.