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a tax on every gallon of gasoline sold

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One proposed solution to offset the decrease in gasoline tax revenue is to include a flat annual registration fee at 0.
4, vote yes on ballot Question 1 to repeal the automatic annual gasoline tax increase.
So where else can drivers benefit from some of the lowest state, per gallon gasoline tax rates compared to where others endure some of the highest?
Recently, with the development of more efficient gasoline engines and new automobile technology, the gasoline tax has not kept pace with the ongoing maintenance and construction costs associated with our highways.
demand is very inelastic in the summer, so gasoline tax changes are passed through to consumers even in the summer.
Economists are also concerned about the prospect of clogging revenue flows that the gasoline tax rakes in.
Government sources said that the government is now considering scrapping the additional gasoline tax rate next March, while raising the original tax rate from the current level, so that there would be not effective cut in the gasoline tax.
Similarly, the agent that collects the gasoline tax (of the "point of taxation") also varies across the states.
Obama acknowledged fuel costs have plummeted in the last six months, but he said it would be unwise to raise the federal gasoline tax in the middle of a recession, which has contributed to the loss of nearly 2 million jobs in the last year, and forced hundreds of thousands of people out of their homes.
Ahmadi-nejad is apparently unaware that in the United States, the federal gasoline tax is fixed by the gallon, not as a percentage of the price.
The tax levy reverted back again to the original level in just one month on May 1, along with gasoline taxes, as the ruling parties in the House of Representatives voted for the reinstatement of the higher tax rates amid a parliamentary row over the gasoline tax.
It's telling that about half of the signatures on petitions calling for a public vote on the Eugene City Council's decision to extend a 2-cent-per-gallon gasoline tax turned out to be invalid.
Lacking the numbers to defeat the gasoline tax, some members of the coalition, acting on a request from former presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, had threatened to take over the podium to protest the measure.
Frank, an economist at Cornell University, proposes an additional gasoline tax of $2 a gallon.