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a tax on every gallon of gasoline sold

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The issue of Congress being proactive when it comes to possibly raising the federal gasoline tax is even more elevated now, considering that our nation's infrastructure remains in a full-blown state of disrepair with changes needed long past yesterday--explaining why Trump's recent comments that he would consider raising the tax gained a fair level of attention.
He concludes that on a revenue-neutral basis, a gasoline tax would indeed be regressive.
House Republicans have rendered few broad details of their proposal, that will comprise a $1 per-pack cigarette tax increase and permit the state's gasoline tax to hike with inflation.
One proposed solution to offset the decrease in gasoline tax revenue is to include a flat annual registration fee at 0.
4, vote yes on ballot Question 1 to repeal the automatic annual gasoline tax increase.
This means that the local pollution-lowering benefits from an increase in the gasoline tax are larger than estimates based on equal-demand responses across all drivers.
Recently, with the development of more efficient gasoline engines and new automobile technology, the gasoline tax has not kept pace with the ongoing maintenance and construction costs associated with our highways.
A new report released by the CBO says that the federal gasoline tax now generates about 60 percent of the receipts credited to the fund; the tax on diesel fuel generates another 30 percent.
Economists are also concerned about the prospect of clogging revenue flows that the gasoline tax rakes in.
That amounts to nearly a $1billion overall gasoline tax cut, but not for long.
Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama indicated Thursday that he may scrap the provisional gasoline tax rate in line with the Democratic Party of Japan's election campaign commitment.
Tanaka, a former official of the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, expressed doubt about the ruling Democratic Party of Japan's plan to effectively cut the gasoline tax, which is already relatively low compared with other advanced nations, by abolishing the provisional portion of the tax.
Policy attention on the role of the gasoline tax has also increased
Fourth and relatedly, these data allow us to examine urban and rural gasoline tax incidence separately, in order to test whether more competitive (e.
Obama acknowledged fuel costs have plummeted in the last six months, but he said it would be unwise to raise the federal gasoline tax in the middle of a recession, which has contributed to the loss of nearly 2 million jobs in the last year, and forced hundreds of thousands of people out of their homes.