gasoline station

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a service station that sells gasoline

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Another Acton gasoline station was barred from selling alcohol just for that reason, he said.
We're pleased to share key elements of our crime-deterrent program with our fellow convenience store and gasoline station operators as well as the local authorities, who have initiated this forum to discuss specific law enforcement issues in the Los Angeles area," said Murphy.
We are thrilled to bring CNG by VNG to Milwaukee as we continue our nationwide expansion of CNG fueling in retail gasoline stations," said Robert Friedman, Chief Operating Officer of VNG.
Gasoline stations in Jeddah resumed handing out water and tissue papers to customers with the start of the summer vacation and Jeddah festival.
A growing number of gasoline stations, used car dealerships and auto repair shops around Japan have begun offering "super discount" car rentals, to compensate for falling sales due to the steady decline in car ownership.
Gasoline station owner Samir Ben Fadhloune told Magharebia that his station in early March pumped gasoline only to some administrative vehicles and some drivers who rejected the fuels sold in parallel markets, given that most clients got their fuel on the black market.
ExxonMobil has the second-largest gasoline station network in Japan with more than 4,000 stations, following 12,000 outlets of JX Holdings Inc.
SULAIMANIYA / Aswat al-Iraq: Fires erupted in a gasoline station in central the al-Sulaimaniya city, without any confirmed reports about damage or injuries.
Sorry, no fuel, no benzine, no petrol," read a typical sign posted at one gasoline station in Gaza City.
For now, the disassembled gasoline station owned by collector James Perry just sits in piles in a gravel yard in Castaic.
The Borklunds have had more than their share of run-ins with criminals because of their work at a gasoline station.
Citing safety concerns, the Havering Council denied BP's application to add a hydrogen pump at a gasoline station that already hosts a wind turbine.
More recently, the IRS issued an "IRS Coordinated Issue Paper on Petroleum Industry Replacement of Underground Storage Tanks at Retail Gas Stations" (CIP), clarifying its position on several issues related to how the retail gasoline station industry should handle costs associated with underground storage tanks.
According to an Ontario government report released in 1990, gasoline station attendants and taxi drivers in Ontario are killed on the job at almost the same rate as police officers.
Co-located within an existing retail gasoline station in a consumer-friendly environment