gasoline pump

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a pump in a service station that draws gasoline from underground storage tanks

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The same company could also provide upgrades to the two land gasoline pumps at Riverside Landing at a cost of about $5,000 each.
A suspended item, looking more like a huge gasoline pump than what the program called a "kinetic limb," hung and moved over the dancers ("fighting for ever-decaying space," the program ambiguously informed).
The nostalgic picture of an antique gasoline pump evokes the discoveries of travel.
The new digs, complete with cappuccino for staff and guests, are highlighted, including a colorfully restored 1950's style gasoline pump, products created by the firm, and walls lined with posters from Apple Computer's famous "Think Different" campaign.
Burham says the grounds have a Roman pool, gatehouse, heated garage, its own gasoline pump, tennis court, etc.
For example, in the downstream oil industry, disparate social phenomena like changing commuting patterns and the American worker's increasing time crunch affect merchandising at the gasoline pump.
The fizz-water syphon of the Paris paintings becomes an American gasoline pump in the Rockport paintings of the '40s.
UAZ Brake master cylinder; Gasoline pump UAZ (small type Pekar); lushitel basic UAZ flange with 3 holes
EPA's decision to rely solely on retail gasoline pump labels to protect consumers from misfueling with gasoline containing 15 percent ethanol is woefully inadequate and compounds the fundamental mistakes EPA made in approving the sale of E15 in 2010.
What happens if you determine a gasoline pump isn't dispensing the proper amount?
Record highs at the gasoline pump - get used to it, the government warned Thursday.
Australia's National Roads and Motorists Association (NRMA) is calling for a national ethanol education campaign to accompany a recent gasoline pump labeling law.
The costs of removing the old tanks are capitalized as part of the new tanks if the new tanks are installed in the same location as the old tanks, because they function as part of a larger structure--the gasoline pump system.
Shred personal information: Never leave receipts and carbons behind where someone could pick them up - especially ATM, supermarket and self-service gasoline pump receipts.
A device that most of us interact with every few days was first built this week in 1905 - the gasoline pump.