gasoline pump

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a pump in a service station that draws gasoline from underground storage tanks

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The same company could also provide upgrades to the two land gasoline pumps at Riverside Landing at a cost of about $5,000 each.
A gasoline pump owned by the Indian Oil Company and situated near Nigambodh Ghat will become the first to offer hydrogen refueling capabilities and bring fuel cells closer to becoming a viable transportation option in India.
2 percent as gasoline pump prices dropped 1 percent, home heating oil was down 2.
Crude oil and gasoline pump prices are at all-time highs and consumers are beginning to demand more E85 and alternative fuel solutions.
I think there ought to be zero tolerance of people breaking the law during an emergency such as this, whether it be looting, or price-gouging at the gasoline pump or taking advantage of charitable giving, or insurance fraud', he said.
After another creative promotion--selling nearly one million gasoline pump decals at $1 per piece (at a cost of nine cents each)--they were on their way, moving "up" to an office space above Bruce's father's liquor store in Northwest Washington, D.
PORTLAND - Gasoline pump prices have risen sharply in Oregon since the first of the year despite a usual winter drop in demand.
2003-54, which addresses proper classification of gasoline pump canopies for depreciation purposes.
A suspended item, looking more like a huge gasoline pump than what the program called a "kinetic limb," hung and moved over the dancers ("fighting for ever-decaying space," the program ambiguously informed).
The nostalgic picture of an antique gasoline pump evokes the discoveries of travel.
The new digs, complete with cappuccino for staff and guests, are highlighted, including a colorfully restored 1950's style gasoline pump, products created by the firm, and walls lined with posters from Apple Computer's famous "Think Different" campaign.
Burham says the grounds have a Roman pool, gatehouse, heated garage, its own gasoline pump, tennis court, etc.
For example, in the downstream oil industry, disparate social phenomena like changing commuting patterns and the American worker's increasing time crunch affect merchandising at the gasoline pump.
The fizz-water syphon of the Paris paintings becomes an American gasoline pump in the Rockport paintings of the '40s.
Scope of work involves removing the canopy over the gasoline pump, located approximately 200 feet east of the back of the former Police Department located at 1395 Dunlawton Avenue.