gasoline engine

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an internal-combustion engine that burns gasoline

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Technology exhibits Next-generation Mazda SKY-G(2) direct injection gasoline engine
The clean diesel engine produces about 25% less carbon dioxide than traditional gasoline engines.
In March 2015, the company announced to construct gasoline engine turbocharger R&D and key components manufacturing technology upgrading project.
Output growth of motor vehicles especially passenger vehicles has led to a strong growth of demand for gasoline engines, and the localization of international manufacturers is becoming more prevailing, as a result, the sales volume of automotive gasoline engine increased from 3.
Despite diesel's efficiency advantage, the emissions from a diesel engine still tend to be far higher than those from an equivalent gasoline engine.
0-liter, 3-cylinder gasoline engine coupled with a DC brushless motor, a 144-volt nickel metal-hydride battery pack and an advanced electronic Power Control Unit.
Electricar replaced the gasoline engine, alternator, and supporting parts in a regular automobile with an electric engine.
Although the G-Van is simply a low-tech variant of a vehicle built to run on oil-the gasoline engine, transmission, exhaust system, and radiator have been stripped out and replaced with one ton of batteries and an electric motor-it is ideal for predictable, short-haul urban driving.
This enables the software to pre-determine the optimum operating strategy for the gasoline engine resulting in the best charging efficiency," Porter noted.
Our dream at Duke's Garage is that every two-car household have one traditional gasoline engine vehicle and one electric vehicle," said Perre.
0-liter EcoBoost gasoline engine, which won the competition three times running from 2012 to 2014, also features a Continental turbocharger.
Lombardini's diesel and gasoline engine line ranges from 3 to 72 horsepower.
is recalling about 160,000 Prius gasoline-electric hybrid cars worldwide as the gasoline engine may stall due to a software problem, company officials said Friday.
However, Eaton claims, its real talent lies in the fact that--on a systems basis--a Superturbo gasoline engine is less expensive than a turbo diesel while providing similar fuel economy.
As speeds increase, the gasoline engine kicks in, simultaneously recharging the batteries.