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an internal-combustion engine that burns gasoline

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The role of the gasoline engine is strictly to generate electric power.
5-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine that powers the Mini 3 Hatch.
The unit features manual steering and blade pitch controls, air cooled gasoline engine, torque converter clutch system, 4-blade non-overlapping rotors,12 volt charger, electric powered spray system for application of retardant, flip-up seat and a removable screen for superior accessibility to engine, clutch and drive-line.
The fuel efficiency of the current model equipped with a 1-liter gasoline engine and the idling-stop system is 24.
In March Isuzu Commercial Truck of America announced that an agreement had been reached with GM for the supply of transmissions and gasoline engines used for gas-powered Isuzu NPR and NPR-HD trucks in both single and Crewcab models, and that these vehicles would be reintroduced for the 2012 model year.
0L direct injection gasoline engine and i-stop significantly reduces CO2 emissions thanks to the effective combination of i-stop, the high combustion efficiency provided by direct injection, and a six-speed manual transmission with optimized gear ratios.
The clean diesel technology found in the 2009 Q7 TDI provides 30% better fuel economy than gasoline engines of similar size, according to Audi, which offers the efficiency of 25 mpg in highway driving and a range of more than 600 miles on a full tank.
The new Soul will go on sale with a choice of two gasoline engines and with manual or automatic transmission.
He was asked to comment on the future of diesel versus gasoline engines.
You can basically use all electric and none of the gasoline engine, but you can still use the gasoline engine if, on the weekend, you go up to the mountains," said Bill Glauz, DWP manager of renewable and emerging technology.
Components of petroleum that could not be used in a gasoline engine burned readily in Diesel's engine, and remarkably, so did oils derived from vegetable sources.
This DC multi-process gasoline engine driven welder unit features four welding modes: Stick--for general purpose welding, Downhill Pipe mode for stick welding on pipe, Touch Start TIG[TM], and CV-Wire mode for cored-wire and MIG welding.
But even in conventional driving mode, you still get a stellar 37 mpg on the highway and 27 mpg in city driving, compared with 27 and 19 with the gasoline engine.
But the heat for diesel combustion comes from compression of the fuel, not ignition as in a gasoline engine.
For example, a gasoline engine manufacturer that also manufactures and regularly sells pistons must assign piston WIP items and finished pistons not attached to an engine to the most detailed PPI category that includes pistons.