gasoline bomb

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a crude incendiary bomb made of a bottle filled with flammable liquid and fitted with a rag wick

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His remarks also contained an open threat to opposition parties, who he unjustly accused of defending the right to use gasoline bombs, over their resistance against the bill.
Outside parliament, demonstrators hurled chunks of marble and gasoline bombs at riot police, who responded with tear gas and stun grenades.
Three persons were seriously hurt when a gasoline bomb was hurled at an ambulance in Butawal in southwestern Nepal, the spokesman for the Home Ministry, Gopendra Bahadur Pandey, said.
He said protesters had thrown a gasoline bomb through a window and that the government had encouraged the demonstrations.
Had they been unable to do so, they very well could have used other available weapons such as swords, automobiles, or gasoline bombs.
Troops fired over the crowd to disperse protesters who threw gasoline bombs.
Security officials say some Morsi supporters carried locally made guns and gasoline bombs.
The fact is, the rioters assemble weapons at home, such as gasoline bombs and explosive devices that are identical to those used to kill US troops in Iraq (improvised explosive device -- IED).
Officials say both families started fighting and assailants tossed gasoline bombs into four Christian homes and a local church.
Bulgaria's first gay pride parade in the summer of 2008 turned violent after far-right nationalists attacked the participants with gasoline bombs and rocks.
As in previous demonstrations, gasoline bombs played a prominent role.
Smoke spires were noticed after fighters, mostly from the western city of Misurata, threw gasoline bombs and grenades into abandoned homes in the village, a center for Gaddafi's tribe, the Kadafa, The Los Angeles Times reports.
The violence has seen gasoline bombs thrown and cars, homes and shops torched.
The agencysaid the police and troops fired warning shots todisperse the crowd, which hurled gasoline bombs and stones.
Superman stands in Tehran silently for 24 hours as he is pelted with gasoline bombs, but also receives roses and cheers from the demonstrators.