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Synonyms for gasoline



Synonyms for gasoline

a volatile flammable mixture of hydrocarbons (hexane and heptane and octane etc.) derived from petroleum

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The state's dependency on specially formulated gasoline constantly challenges supply levels throughout the year.
The following news feature gives an overview of reformulated gasoline.
Environmental contamination with these gasoline additives may be somewhat less of a concern for U.
Fifty-seven percent of drivers are not sure whether biofuels are more, less, or equally as expensive as traditional gasoline or diesel fuel.
The buying of Top Tier-designated gasoline aids drivers avoid lower-quality gasoline that can leave deposits on critical engine parts, reducing an automobile's engine performance.
Despite skyrocketing gasoline prices, OPEC announced a production cutback--which was seen by many as yet another instance of price gouging by the cartel.
Many gasoline producers switched to ethanol in January, well ahead of the upcoming Dec.
The settlement, that includes $2,088,666 in cash and clean air programs, ends the ARB violation notice that was filed after state and Unocal officials determined that the refiner offered gasoline for sale that did not contain enough detergent additive to meet ARB Phase 1 gasoline rules.
The launch event focuses on the severe health and environmental effects of gasoline, and brings together a broad coalition interested in an end to the gasoline era.
This is part of an ideological debate over whether the greater evil is being dependent on imports or harming the health of Iranians with heavily polluting ersatz gasoline.
Iran's current gasoline output is about 60 million liters a day, while domestic consumption is some 59 million liters of gasoline a day.
By In a written statement, Saudi Aramco denied reports appearing in the local media that Premium 95 gasoline is in short supply, especially in Riyadh.
The first model uses two factors--crude oil prices and gasoline prices--and the authors state that the "model explains nearly 98 percent of U.
Crude oil prices and gasoline prices are inherently linked, because crude oil is the primary raw material from which gasoline and other petroleum products are produced.
CORRECTION: The loaded and leading network questioning clearly suggests that national controls are needed to lower gasoline prices to the "proper" level.