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someone employed by a gas company

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Former Mayor Gasmen has jokingly said that as she is now unemployed, she can play the role of full-time mother to her three children.
Gasmen, indeed workmen, "We are not fit to untie his boot laces," whispered my wife in awe, as the plumber tapped our geyser with his holy hammer and then pressed his ear to the floor like a Comanche medicine man expecting a herd of bison.
Road Bike Philippines, skippered by Ronnel Hualda, is reinforced by Spanish rider Edgar Nieto and Briton Carlos Gasmen.
Gary Fife rescued a late point for Bracton who drew 2-2 at home to Pilkington with the Gasmen reduced to just eight men late on.
RESIDENTS waited nearly 30 years for their road to be resurfaced - only to see it dug up by gasmen three weeks later.
More than 300 elderly people were also given a presentation advising them to be wary of callers who often pose as water board officials or gasmen in a bid to rob them in their own homes.
GASMEN are doubling up as health advisers to help combat the spread of meningitis.
THREE gasmen were working in this house when it was blown apart by an explosion yesterday - but they walked away virtually unscathed.
Presumably, your first move will be to fit out a couple of your top operatives as gasmen, telephone engineers, or council inspectors and get them into the house to install monitoring devices.
TWELVE hunky gasmen have turned up the heat at work - stripping for action for the next 12 months.
The court was told that five Enterprise gasmen were working in Small's neighbourhood last July and wanted to establish whether he had a gas supply.
A MAN was badly burned and five others hurt in a blast at a block of flats - an hour after gasmen declared it safe.