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a protective mask with a filter

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reduced psychological burden for gasmask wearer in dangerous situations
John Bartlett depicts himself (left) with a gasmask in order to withstand the pollution and viruses of the city, whose pretty cityscape in the background is obscured by a miasma.
It was also possible to enjoy a summer afternoon at a Lake Erie beach without using a gasmask.
For instance, while the pamphlet places great emphasis upon the fact that each discharged soldier may keep his uniform--together with his helmet, gasmask, socks, and so on--and that anyone released from military service without being informed of his rights in this regard may apply for replacement items, its discussion of financial matters is limited chiefly to extolling the virtues of converting war risk coverage into a peacetime life insurance policy.
Innovative "Ego" based health system for Duke Nukem, who will gain and lose Ego based on his actions in the game; -- 24 fully detailed levels including 14 single player levels, 4 challenging training areas, and 6 multiplayer levels, all packed with explosive secret areas; -- High-tech inventory including Infra-red goggles, Jetpack, Teleporter, GasMask and Duke's High-tech Shades Operating System
Now check the man in the gasmask to see if you're welcome.
Children can make a gasmask which they can then take home.
She said, 'I had a little cardboard box, a gasmask over my shoulder, a little bottle of lemonade and sandwiches, and I can remember standing there waiting for the train, feeling lonely and unwanted.
CONMAN: A plumber dons a gasmask after claiming he was using dangerous chemicals to clear out a drain when, in fact, he was only using ordinary water
So there I am on a lovely day huddled indoors, because I can't sit outside without a gasmask.
It's reminiscent of that night long ago when I stood in the road at Tile Hill, with military gasmask and helmet as part of the civil defence decontamination squad, waiting to go in and test for poison gas.
BYGONE DAYS: Shane McMenamin of Carmarthenshire Museuem wearing a civil defence gasmask
Once I asked for a wartime gasmask to wear in a cabaret role and I got so many I had to tell the listeners, no more please.
I BOUGHT a gasmask yesterday for pounds 80, but there's no guarantee it will save my life if a chemical attack is launched on Ireland.