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a protective mask with a filter

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The objective of the project was to validate an innovative mobile and self-monitoring sensor system and its integration within gasmasks.
Clutching their gasmasks and with name labels stuck to their clothes, the pair were taken by train and bus away from their parents and the wartime hazards of Folkestone - one of the points in the UK closest to mainland Europe - to Croesyceiliog, near Pontypool.
So there I am on a lovely day huddled indoors, because I can't sit outside without a gasmask.
It's reminiscent of that night long ago when I stood in the road at Tile Hill, with military gasmask and helmet as part of the civil defence decontamination squad, waiting to go in and test for poison gas.
BYGONE DAYS: Shane McMenamin of Carmarthenshire Museuem wearing a civil defence gasmask
Once I asked for a wartime gasmask to wear in a cabaret role and I got so many I had to tell the listeners, no more please.
I BOUGHT a gasmask yesterday for pounds 80, but there's no guarantee it will save my life if a chemical attack is launched on Ireland.
Soldiers often simply threw away equipment such as gasmasks, bayonets, and helmets, and sometimes even their knapsacks.
BEATRICE Smith's new book Gasmasks and Garston is more than just a family history - it's the tale of life in a working-class dockside community in one of the 20th Century's most turbulent periods.
There was 18th century evening elegance with gasmasks throughout to jeans and dungarees, soldierly camouflage from all ages - gold medals to khaki, Cossacks, peasants and modern fabrics to feathers and sequins.
The Berger Society's primary contribution to the land in which its members have come to sojourn is the manufacture of gasmasks.
While executing a search warrant at the Marriott, investigators confiscated cameras, microphones, editing equipment, computers, transmission devices, sound converters, current regulators, gasmasks, foreign and local currencies, and literature for Muslim Brotherhood causes.
The report says, "The persons wearing gasmasks, who are estimated to be plainclothes policemen or civilians acting in cooperation with the police, are seen attacking and chasing Gezi protesters with baseball bats or batons.
Snowstorms became so intense that the Italian soldiers had to wear their gasmasks to breathe.