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light yielded by the combustion of illuminating gas

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The interior exhibited a paradox often to be marked in such morning hours: that the rooms seemed brighter than the sky outside; even after the Major had turned out the one gaslight in the front hall.
See how the folk swarm over yonder in the gaslight.
He had left the front door open, so that a shaft of gaslight fell upon them.
On week-days her breakfast cost ten cents; she made coffee and cooked an egg over the gaslight while she was dressing.
A black ruler gagged him, the ends lashed behind his neck, the blood upon it caked to bronze in the gaslight.
But a detestable odor came out, with a broad bar of yellow gaslight.
They have a gaslight at the bottom burning night and day.
By dint of roaring at the top of his voice under a flaring gaslight, clenching his fists, knitting his brows, setting his teeth, and pounding with his arms, he had taken so much out of himself by this time, that he was brought to a stop, and called for a glass of water.
In the flaring gaslight of the Lodge, several Collegians were basking; some taking leave of visitors, and some who had no visitors, watching the frequent turning of the key, and conversing with one another and with Mr Chivery.
His own family history has shown some gaslights last longer than the men who maintain them.
The city has, here and there, working gaslights, left over from the old days.
Baltimore was the first American city with street gaslights following the use of gaslights in a local museum in 1816.
Until gaslights were introduced in 1807, burning torches illuminated the streets of London.
The classic thriller deals with a young wife who fears she is losing her mind when she starts to hear noises and see flickering gaslights when left alone at night.
Traffic lights with red and green gaslights were first introduced in London 1868, unfortunately they exploded and killed a policeman