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light yielded by the combustion of illuminating gas

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The interior exhibited a paradox often to be marked in such morning hours: that the rooms seemed brighter than the sky outside; even after the Major had turned out the one gaslight in the front hall.
A black ruler gagged him, the ends lashed behind his neck, the blood upon it caked to bronze in the gaslight.
But a detestable odor came out, with a broad bar of yellow gaslight.
They have a gaslight at the bottom burning night and day.
By dint of roaring at the top of his voice under a flaring gaslight, clenching his fists, knitting his brows, setting his teeth, and pounding with his arms, he had taken so much out of himself by this time, that he was brought to a stop, and called for a glass of water.
In the flaring gaslight of the Lodge, several Collegians were basking; some taking leave of visitors, and some who had no visitors, watching the frequent turning of the key, and conversing with one another and with Mr Chivery.
he goes; and in it there are gaslights (partly turned off now), and two whitened targets for rifle-shooting, and archery accommodation, and fencing appliances, and all necessaries for the British art of boxing.
He saw an illimitable darkness, in which stood a black jumble of walls, and, between them, the many rows of gaslights stretched far away in long lines, like strung-up beads of fire.
Sometimes it rains, and we creep under a boat or the like of that: sometimes it's dark, and we get among the gaslights, sitting watching the people as they go along the streets.
Title track Gaslight is a knockout, as are the seriously funky Drummers And Healers and Sanctified.
THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM - American Slang Verdict: WITH The Hold Steady starting to sound tired, there's a space at the table for a group who can transplant The Replacements' brains into The E Street Band's bodies.
GASLIGHT ANTHEM The 59 Sound This great single is one reason the US band are being championed by Bruce Springsteen.
If you can answer yes to any of the above you may well have been "gaslighted", warns psychologist Dr Robin Stern, author of The Gaslight Effect.
South Tyneside Council is to determine what will happen to the Sir Charles Mark Palmer statue in Riverside Park, Jarrow, and the Gaslight pub in Commercial Road, Jarrow.
Thompson's fourth Gaslight Mystery presents convincing characters of varied classes of a century ago, when crime flourished throughout New York.