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lower part of a horse's thigh between the hock and the stifle

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To get started, Gaskins needed a plan and a business partner.
Gaskins didn't predict anything flashy to come from the offering but said the company should prove attractive to conservative investors.
Also landing in this diverse mix are a few gay characters, including Gaskins and Anton Bronner, his boyfriend of 16 years.
Gaskins then points to the work of Charles Willard as a "healthy counterweight" (137) to the transcendental quest for ideal standards of argumentation.
Logic textbooks rightly treat the argument-from-ignorance as fallacious, but Gaskins contends that it nevertheless pervades modern discourse.
have launched Connor & Gaskins Unlimited, a contracting firm that provides preconstruction services, estimating, scheduling, and construction feasibility, new construction, renovations, and interior improvements, post construction warranty and service, home and office inspections, architectural design review, and consulting.
18, Gaskins told Mertes to do whatever he had to do to offset the rising costs.
Francis Gaskins, a seasoned financial analyst, is noted as the Internet's most experienced, analytical web cast producer and interviewer.
Gaskins is eager to please, the ideas are hit-and-miss and focus more on the cute animals or Gaskins' performance than the reactions of those being scammed.
As the burly 6-4, 300-pound Gaskins stormed off the field during the preseason workout in August, Hagerty issued an ultimatum: ``If you leave now, don't come back.
Analyst Coverage of Viropro: On another front, the Company recently began receiving analyst coverage from Francis Gaskins of IPOdesktop.
Over at the Chinese, leader Lincoln Gaskins said those in line will earn points based on the number of hours they log.
I am very proud of ourselves,'' right tackle Blake Gaskins said.