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lower part of a horse's thigh between the hock and the stifle

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At the Chinese, Gaskins was armed with a Web cam in his top-story rented room at the Roosevelt Hotel across the street.
The rest of the group, juniors McCartin, Gaskins, Brandon Warne and Brian Whisler, were junior varsity players making the jump up.
Saturday, prompting wardens to set out into the backcountry for six hours tracking the animal, Gaskins said.
Each time the bear managed to escape, Gaskins said.
Gaskins today will be Gary Lawrence Murphy, CEO of TCI.
Gaskins today will be Tom Adelstein, Senior Executive, Bynari.
On today's show, Francis Gaskins of Gaskins IPO Desktop will be joined by Irv Degraw, DBA, Research Director for WorldFinanceNet and John Fitzgibbon, IPO Editor for WorldFinanceNet.
com, contributor Francis Gaskins will host a panel of guests to review Linux trends including "SUN & Linux via the Cobalt acquisition?
Gaskins will be Garry Betty, Chief Executive Officer at EarthLink, Inc.
On this week's edition of "Gaskins IPO Desktop," Gaskins IPO Desktop Editor Francis Gaskins will discuss "Inrange SAN switches compete with McData and Brocade," with comment on INRANGE Technologies Corporation (NYSE: INRG), McDATA Corporation (NASDAQ: MCDT), and Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
The class action lawsuit was filed by Demera Gaskins as a counterclaim in a small claims matter that USA Discounters had initiated against Ms.
After winning an Emmy for his "Follow The Dream" advertising campaign during the 2000 Olympic Games, Rudy Gaskins was inspired to make his own dream of owning a creative services business a reality.
Nicole Gaskins could see all the bills adding up from her battle with cancer, and the last thing she wanted was for her husband, Brady Mertes, to be stuck with mounting debt.
To pretend it's not the good life would be lying--it is the good life," divulges fashion designer, equestrian, and part-time Hamptons resident Eric Gaskins.