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lower part of a horse's thigh between the hock and the stifle

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Gerard Gaskin, 30, and his brother Daniel, 20, both of no fixed address, are each charged with murder.
With a class full of teenagers who enjoy hands-on work, Gaskin often discusses how they can make money from different opportunities in the work force that will best utilize the skills they have.
A few weeks after embarking on his new career, Gaskin notched up his first open-race win with Hack Up Bluebell at Harringay and then the 28-year-old steered Clopook through to the final of the 1961 Derby at White City.
Gaskin was serving a sentence of five years and four months for offences of wounding and criminal damage when he escaped from prison last month.
The board had informed Gaskin on June 30 that it intended to fire him from his $235,000 job.
At a hearing on "The SBA Microloan and Trade Programs," Gaskin said that small and middle market manufacturers in the United States - who provide more than nine million U.
It was claimed Gerard Gaskin whispered something into Mr Holland's ear and took him into the kitchen away from two other relatives and a friend who were present.
Fresh- faced and in tune, she sang with Gaskin about raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, stealing a quick look at Pruscha to make sure she was on cue.
Gaskin completed a five-timer, including sending out Soviet Survivor to land heat and final of a sprint competition, and was impressed with the venue.
Gaskin had already abruptly left his post, walking out of a private meeting with the board on May 13 during a review of his performance evaluation.
Annelin and Gaskin is a perfect fit for Sequoia," stated Mr.
Wendy Gaskin sobbed when son Terence was led away to begin a four-year sentence for an unprovoked attack on 51-year-old Kenneth Turnbull.
ONE of the more regular faces at the Irish tracks these weekends is that of Ernie Gaskin (pictured) as he enjoys his role of greyhound owner.
Inspector Greg Gaskin is coordinating the project within the police department.