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This contract is for the supply, delivery, installation, commissioning of a system for generating electricity by gasifying biomass.
Keywords: Biomass, Modeling, Biomass Gasification, Gasifying Agent, Gasification Kinetics
One of the challenges is obtaining inexpensive hydrogen; however, it can be supplied from a number of processes, including gasifying biomass, separation from fermentor gases, methane reforming, or electrolysis.
2] and H2O(g) were thought to begin at 300[degrees]C; the formation of char at 420[degrees]C; gasifying reactions of the char at 600[degrees]C and intensive gasification of the char at 800/900[degrees]C.
This method of disposal might provide more than just energy security: By gasifying paper products, it helps keep sensitive documents out of the hands of enemy agents working near the camp.
We're looking at a number of potential ways of doing that - including "scrubbing" out the carbon dioxide with the chemical amine and gasifying the coal but it's clear that we need a number of options as we battle against global warming.
The plant will generate the steam used in the ethanol manufacturing process by gasifying more than a billion pounds of cattle manure a year.
The Ningxia project calls for gasifying coal to produce dimethyl ether.
As a result, the fuels remain liquid rather than gasifying into steam, and working with the source fuel in a liquid state saves a substantial amount of energy compared to other vapor-phase processes used for biomass or conventional fossil fuels.
The new formcoke process first produces char by mildly gasifying one or more coals in a twin screw reactor indirectly heated to 1200-1400F (649-760C).
The EERC system has already produced power by gasifying forest residues, railroad tie chips, turkey litter, and other biomass feedstocks and burning the produced syngas in an on-site engine generator.
By gasifying coal, it is easier to remove emissions like carbon dioxide.
THE Ty Newydd Country Hotel has invested more than pounds 100,000 in a state-of-the-art wood gasifying biomass boiler system.
The new technology involves gasifying coal and capturing harmful carbon dioxide gas which is sent to offshore oil fields.
Its designers learned to evaluate the process of gasifying a range of feedstocks.