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These wood gasifying boilers are the first of this type of log-burning boiler to be supplied by Strebel in the UK.
CO2 capture is accomplished by first gasifying coal to produce carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen and then converting the CO to CO2 and hydrogen in a shift reaction with water vapor.
Algy Cluff, managing director of Cluff Natural Resources said that gasifying coal posed "no threat to the environment or individuals.
By gasifying coal, it is easier to remove emissions like carbon dioxide.
The statement also disclosed that on January 27, 2014 four companies offered to set up stations for gasifying LNG in Lebanon in order to help power plants generate electricity by natural gas.
Our project also opens up possibilities that, in the process of gasifying coal, we are actually creating a very large storage facility for carbon dioxide.
Mobilestream Oil, is pleased to announce as a result of this testing, two major US petrochemical companies over the course of the next two months will visit the office of Mobile Stream Oil to investigate the gasifying / cracking process.
The new technology involves gasifying coal and capturing harmful carbon dioxide gas which is sent to offshore oil fields.
Enerkem's business is focused initially on gasifying residuals from heavy oil upgrading operations to assist in the recovery of heavy oil and bitumen in Western Canada and in the production of electricity from municipal solid waste.
This is a major event for Nathaniel Energy, as the first of our next generation Thermal Combustors(TM) are successfully gasifying waste.
Customization requirements and the practicality of gasifying variable feeds have typically constrained gasifiers to larger scale, capital intensive designs.
These technologies include reduced-cost processes for converting heavy oils into more valuable lighter oils, gasifying crude oil to produce microturbine fuel, and for converting natural gas into high-value synthetic fuels.
We believe that we can initially achieve this by converting extracted corn oil into biodiesel and gasifying and converting the remaining DDG and corn stover into ethanol and other biomass-derived gases for heat, power and additional fuel production.
Tests show that there was no ash residue from the carbonaceous waste in the sludge we were gasifying," he said.
Gasifying biomass for energy usage in this case, straw and wood chips requires special know-how, and our engineers and GE s team worked as one team to integrate EQTEC Gasifier Technology and GE s power generation technologies for improved performance and economics, said Luis Sanchez CEO, EBIOSS.