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Total weight of the gasification product is obtained by applying mass balance to the global reaction between the reactants and the products.
Same results were obtained when the equilibrium models [30-33] were compared with the experimental results from fluidised bed steam gasification by Hofbauer et al.
The modified quasi-equilibrium model is used to predict the influence of key process parameters like temperature, steam to biomass ratio (SBR), and equivalence ratio (ER) on product gas composition, heating value, and gasification efficiency.
14% is obtained at a gasification temperature of 1500 K and ER of 0.
This is due to the combined effect of endothermic char gasification, water gas and methane reformation, and reversal of water gas shift reaction.
The thermal conditions of the measurement were similar to those of gasification, as the heating rate in the temperature range of 20-850[degrees]C was 5 K/min, with a dwell at 850[degrees]C until the maximum gasification of the tested char was achieved.
Secondly, the rubber was co-gasified with brown coal in an industrial scale by pressure steam-oxygen gasification in a moving bed in the Lurgi gasifiers from the Sokolovska uhelna Company.
Only a few studies have been devoted to the gasification of rubber (as waste tires) in both laboratory and industrial scales (Leung and Wang, 2003; Lee and Kim, 1996; Raman et al.
2] and H2O(g) were thought to begin at 300[degrees]C; the formation of char at 420[degrees]C; gasifying reactions of the char at 600[degrees]C and intensive gasification of the char at 800/900[degrees]C.
In this context, two reactivity parameters providing relevant information on the unburned carbon were evaluated: the temperature of the beginning of the char gasification and the rate of gasification at the temperature of 850[degrees]C (determined by thermal analysis).
Today, Eastman's facility has one of the highest reliabilities within the solids gasification industry, averaging better than 98 percent uptime every year since 1984 and 91 percent uptime within its initial start-up year.
Gasification Benefits for the Chemical and Power Industry
Coal gasification is quickly emerging as the best solution to national environmental and energy objectives.
Eastman's gasification services are part of the company's corporate strategy to move beyond its core businesses and create offerings that leverage the company's areas of expertise.
To learn more about Eastman's gasification services businesses, visit www.