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the workplace where coal gas is manufactured

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They're like a bunch of mavericks, like the Gashouse Gang of the old Cardinals.
and found ourselves touched by an Angel--a gashouse gang of them.
The Gashouse Gang: How Dizzy Dean, Leo Durocher, Branch Rickey, Pepper Martin, and Their Colorful, Come-from-Behind Bali Club Won the World Series--and America's Heart--During the Great Depression.
For more information about the Gashouse Organization, contact Bill Davis at 412-731-5630 or after 2:00 p.
The attack took place in the early hours of Tuesday at The Gashouse Bridge, Old Waterford Road.
I especially liked the part about board member Victoria Castro being allowed to assist in the selection of the five-member advisory commission that will review environmental and other problems, and present recommendations to the board on what to do with our $200 million methane gashouse.
Louis-style, thin-crust pizzas in a tiny, 24-seat Ventura Boulevard storefront where baseball's Stan Musial and the Gashouse Gang look down from the wall in approval.
It's a Gas: Blues guitarist David Randall Shorey - a k a Gashouse Dave - has paid his dues.
Last season, when Jimmy Johnson was part of the gashouse gang, he'd whisk in from his boat in Miami.
Upcoming acts include guitarists Louisiana Guitar Red and Gashouse Dave, guitarist Juke Logan with vocalist Brenda Burns, Blues Underground and Austin's Teddy Morgan & Sue Foley.