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existing as or having characteristics of a gas


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Francke and Peskov describe micro-pattern detectors, the latest generation of avalanche gaseous detectors.
We will have the new vertical pit, gaseous nitriding facility up and running in the spring of 2014, at which point we shall have amongst the best, most up-to-date low temperature, low distortion resource in the independent heat treatment sector, with the very latest process control software," says Michael Emmott, divisional commercial director for Keighley Laboratories Heat Treatment division.
CDP has developed an innovative method to convert many DI engines to a gaseous fuel.
Stephen Harrison, global head of specialty gases and specialty equipment at Linde, said: "With this accreditation, Linde has raised the bar for gaseous standards for VOC detection.
Yasser Hajati, ab initio density functional calculations show that NO2 gaseous molecules bind strongly to a single-layer graphene defected with Stone-Wales disorder.
The aim of the thesis was to examine the emissions of gaseous pollutants emitted during the composting of municipal sewage sludge, and to evaluate and identify effective means and tools that could be used for the reduction of organic and inorganic concentrations of gaseous pollutants released during the process of composting.
Because the working fluid is at cryogenic temperatures (-160[degrees]C), ambient temperatures can superheat it and return it to gaseous air.
Tronox LLC has been granted a patent for a process for manufacturing titanium dioxide comprised of continuously reacting a titanium halide and an oxygen-containing gas in the vapor phase to produce titanium dioxide particles and gaseous reaction products.
It is comprised of a chemical system with a gaseous molecular delivery system and a chemical or chemicals that attract repel or interfere with insect behavior.
Scientists in Maine have developed a simple gaseous chlorine dioxide (ClO2) sachet technique that they used to disinfect spinach and blueberries.
Radiation at about 2,100 times the normal level was detected in gaseous waste at a nuclear reactor at Tokyo Electric Power Co.
International Resource News-18 August 2010-Fluor-B&W Portsmouth receives contract from DOE's Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
Particulate and gaseous contamination in datacom environments.
Meci specializes in liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon custody transfer measurement.