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Synonyms for gas-tight

not allowing air or gas to pass in or out

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The super-soft cushion conforms to the patient's face to ensure a gas-tight fit that is more secure than the PVC cushion and has a lower profile on the face.
The subject of the order is the delivery of 6 cars for the carriage of explosive charges equipped with a gas-tight container.
It has been engineered to support up to 300 metric tons of pipe and its enhanced seal technology provides a safe, gas-tight solution for short or long suspension periods, harsh conditions and, of course, storms," he adds.
The push-in terminals save time and ensure that the wires stay securely connected with excellent vibration resistance and gas-tight connections, even in the harshest environments.
The drugs room was sealed and the fridge was disconnected by firefighters wearing gas-tight suits.
Firemen wearing gas-tight suits were called in to tackle the chlorine spillage at Water World at Prudhoe in Northumberland today.
CAGE CLAMP and CAGE CLAMP S Spring Pressure provide vibration-proof, gas-tight and maintenance-free connections.
The coatings are applied on panels and subjected to a 90-day gas-tight chamber test, which simulates the cargo tank environment in loaded and unloaded condition, and a 180-day immersion test, which simulates conditions in a loaded crude oil tank.
The design features a standard machined port to provide a simple and reliable, gas-tight threaded connection, with reduced potential leak paths.
The system provides a flameless way to make water-tight and gas-tight stainless steel connections.
The living space is made by layering radiation-shielding materials like Demron - used in the safety suits for nuclear workers cleaning up Japan's Fukushima plant - with a gas-tight material made from a polyurethane substrate to hold in air, as well as gold-metalicized film to reflect ultraviolet rays.
Fire crews used specialist gas-tight suits and breathing apparatus to deal with a serious nitric acid spillage at Technic UK on the Attleborough Industrial Estate.
Firefighters in gas-tight suits set up a decontamination area.
Individual gas-tight fluoropolymer Easy On caps screw directly onto each reaction tube and combine with the radial gas distribution system to provide an inert atmosphere for every tube.
The hermetic, gas-tight and robust construction also offers a safe and reliable seal solution for measuring liquefied anhydrous ammonia.