gas guzzler

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a car with relatively low fuel efficiency

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The 33-year-old Newcastle University computer science student said: "I would definitely welcome more taxes on gas-guzzling cars.
lust by switching from gas-guzzling SUVs to fuel-sipping hybrids like the Prius in my driveway, we'll strike a major blow for energy independence and a safer environment for all.
They're seen by a growing number of people as oversized, gas-guzzling polluters that pose an increasing threat to other road users.
The chancellor must announce action against gas-guzzling cars in his budget statement next month to show that the government is serious about tackling climate change," said FOE U.
Well, when those critics and columnists write about these vehicles, they think gas-guzzling is a brand name.
Even though the OPEC-engineered oil price hikes have signaled a need to use less oil, the United States has been rapidly expanding its fleet of gas-guzzling SUVs, boosting oil use and imports.
The gas-guzzling behemoths that once symbolized Detroit's dominance suddenly became icons of arrogance.
His first, the high-performance, gas-guzzling '76 Pontiac Firebird, cost him $2,500 and too much effort.
and its staff operates a large and identifiable fleet of gas-guzzling SUVs.
His transportation as usual was a gas-guzzling five-tonne pickup.
According to the agency, the figures confirm that consumer preference for gas-guzzling sport utility vehicles and others in the "light truck" category has kept national fuel economy at a 20-year low.
He said: "As the Government prepares to reject a cut in petrol tax, it is incredible that ministers are driving around in official gas-guzzling limos at the expense of ordinary taxpayers.
citizens to swap out their gas-guzzling automobiles in exchange for newer, more fuel-efficient vehicles -- along with a $4,500 rebate from the feds for doing so.
The scrappage scheme offers owners of gas-guzzling G-rated boilers cash off an eco-friendly A-rated new one.