gas guzzler

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a car with relatively low fuel efficiency

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The 33-year-old Newcastle University computer science student said: "I would definitely welcome more taxes on gas-guzzling cars.
Well, when those critics and columnists write about these vehicles, they think gas-guzzling is a brand name.
Even though the OPEC-engineered oil price hikes have signaled a need to use less oil, the United States has been rapidly expanding its fleet of gas-guzzling SUVs, boosting oil use and imports.
What a sight to see mother and children going to school on a 'skipping bus' instead of that gas-guzzling mode of transport, the 4x4 -a bugbear on our roads today, and probably the second cause of obesity after fatty food.
The gas-guzzling behemoths that once symbolized Detroit's dominance suddenly became icons of arrogance.
His first, the high-performance, gas-guzzling '76 Pontiac Firebird, cost him $2,500 and too much effort.
and its staff operates a large and identifiable fleet of gas-guzzling SUVs.
His transportation as usual was a gas-guzzling five-tonne pickup.
According to the agency, the figures confirm that consumer preference for gas-guzzling sport utility vehicles and others in the "light truck" category has kept national fuel economy at a 20-year low.
He said: "As the Government prepares to reject a cut in petrol tax, it is incredible that ministers are driving around in official gas-guzzling limos at the expense of ordinary taxpayers.
citizens to swap out their gas-guzzling automobiles in exchange for newer, more fuel-efficient vehicles -- along with a $4,500 rebate from the feds for doing so.
The scrappage scheme offers owners of gas-guzzling G-rated boilers cash off an eco-friendly A-rated new one.
Evangelical pro-environmentalists on the left rallied against the evangelical anti-abortionists on the right, which is to say nothing of the evangelists in the anti-gay marriage and gas-guzzling lobbies.
Just tell me: Which country is the gas-guzzling Ferrari made in?