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a car with relatively low fuel efficiency

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The Gas-Guzzler Trade-In Calculator prompts users to select the vehicle they are considering and the vehicle they would sell or trade-in.
Gas-guzzlers aren't generally chic in Catholic circles.
The major bonus is better fuel efficiency, making it the first and only SL to escape the gas-guzzler tax.
Politicians should be leading the way on the environment, not bringing up the rear in their gas-guzzlers.
With the price of petrol soaring, consumers are turning their backs on the big SUV gas-guzzlers that are mainly built on light truck chassis.
Q I HATE these ugly fourwheel drive gas-guzzlers that seem to be multiplying, like rabbits, on the roads.
But the popularity of the gas-guzzlers has taken its toll, say environmentalists, who hope the new era of hybrid SUVs will satisfy consumers' desire for big vehicles while being kinder to the planet.
And because the fuel consumption of similar size cars can vary by as much as 45 percent, avoiding gas-guzzlers can lead to significant savings.
Alongside the classics will be kit cars, gas-guzzlers from America and motorcycles, plus auto jumble and trade stands.
Keith Bradsher's excellent new book High and Mighty: The World's Most Dangerous Vehicles and How They Got That Way (Public Affairs, $28) demolishes the points one-by-one and convincingly demonstrates that these lumbering gas-guzzlers are a menace not only to the planet but to safety as well.
Fewer than one in five will pay less under changes next April aimed at getting drivers to switch from polluting gas-guzzlers.
They will carry on using the then half empty roads at their leisure, as they already do with their gas-guzzlers, I feel the Government should be asked to explain what has happened to this road fund tax over the years.
John Hemming, the Liberal Democrat MP for Yardley and chairman of the Birmingham City Council Lib Dem group, drives a Land Rover Discovery - a vehicle high on Ken Livingstone's list of gas-guzzlers.
This, along with the Government's new road fund licence (road tax) has nothing to do with gas-guzzlers, but is based purely on engine size.
From observation, the Vale of Glamorgan, and Cowbridge in particular, would seem to have more of these cumbersome gas-guzzlers than any other part of Wales.