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full of a gas

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These little gas-filled microbubbles stick to human breast tissue for days and can be seen with ultrasound.
Acusphere's lead product, AI-700, is a gas-filled synthetic polymer microsphere being developed initially for the detection of myocardial perfusion, or blood flow within the heart muscle.
The idea is fairly simple: Loudspeakers at each end of a gas-filled, U-shaped tube emit alternating pulses of sound.
ImaRx has asserted that the 5,527,521 patent is directed to products in the diagnostic contrast agent field, including "perfluorocarbon gas-filled microspheres.
Additionally, while both patents are primarily directed to gas-filled microspheres for use as contrast agents for computed tomography the orders note that a "new utility will not render a known composition novel or unobvious.
His device consisted of a flat, closely spaced array of thin, parallel, positively charged wires placed between two negatively charged plates in a gas-filled chamber.
5,552,133, is titled "Method of making the Encapsulated Gas Microspheres useful as an Ultrasound Imaging Agent" and includes claims which are directed toward a new milling method for the manufacturing of encapsulated gas-filled microspheres.
11-8n-1e, Dry Slough Field, Yolo County, encountered 26 feet of gas-filled sands in four productive zones.
4 million cubic feet of natural gas per day from 10 feet of perforations in the upper section of the gas-filled Third Massive Sand.