gas well

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a well that yields or has yielded natural gas

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5 percent were completed as producing oil and/or natural gas wells with seven dry holes.
We are discussing the possibility for drilling a new joint venture gas well with this local Kansas operator because of the value of these multiple gas production formations.
for funding the drilling of a new gas well on the lease.
has an interest in two producing oil and gas wells in Texas.
With both new gas wells on stream QMAC will have working interest in a total of (8) eight producing wells in the Lake Frances Gas Field.
In 2007, shale gas wells comprised 8 percent of natural gas produced in the U.
Findings established that the use of Ozonix[R] in water treatment for the hydraulic fracturing of natural gas wells resulted in broadly greater productivity than liquid Chemical Biocide treatment, as indicated by a greater relative frequency of high productivity wells; significantly greater overall gas production achieved in the first two months of post-fracturing operations; and consistently greater gas production and monetary returns (added revenue) across all 12 months of post-fracturing operations.
He added that the government aims to drill 110 gas wells, was a good sign but these can be drilled after confirmation of gas.
The school predicts the gas wells will become a steady revenue source in a few years.
Within the next sixty (60) days, the Company will expend an additional $100,000 to reopen the pipeline, reactivate the seven (7) natural gas wells and finalize negotiations with contiguous landowners and mineral rights owners to commence production of natural gas from as many as sixty (60) existing but shut-in natural gas wells in the immediate vicinity of the pipeline.
S Drilling Oil & Gas Wells Industry report, published annually, contains timely and accurate industry statistics, forecasts and demographics.
Thereby the Company will acquire all rights associated with the thirty (30) mile natural gas pipeline and seven (7) completed but shut-in natural gas wells.
com/research/2ce173/regional_oil_and_g) has announced the addition of the "Regional Oil and Gas Wells Suite" map to their offering.
Some of the early Dutcher Sand gas wells flowed as high as 5 million cubic feet of gas per day and 120 BOPD.
All wells drilled to date are commercial quality gas wells except for one which is an oil discovery (initial production 60 BBLS/day).