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This book explains the use of fractal analysis and cluster modeling of polymer amorphous state structure as a tool for polymeric materials structure description and as a framework for the analysis of factors affecting gas transport in polymeric materials, such as diffusion, solubility, permeability and selectivity.
However, Taylor dispersion where the longitudinal dispersion of gas in a diffusive process is amplified by radial transport mechanisms when laminar flow is applied with or without turbulent eddies is the more significant contributor to total gas transport.
In recent years, Venezuela has improved its domestic gas transport network to allow greater domestic use and movement of gas production.
The Qatar Gas Transport Company Limited (Nakilat) and Overseas Shipholding Group Inc.
TGI, Transportadora de Gas International, operates 3,702km of pipeline in Colombia and moved 371Mf3/d in 2008, making it the biggest gas transport company in Colombia.
The high-pressure PogErska Wola-Tworzen gas pipeline will enable to increase the energy security of Poland by dividing the stream of gas and shortening a gas transport route.
Hassi R'Mel is Algeria's largest gas field and the hub of the country's natural gas transport network.
Valves in Gas Transport Market in North America http://www.
The project was to include the international marine section from the Algerian coast to the south of Sardinia near Cagliari, the Italian section comprising the land section crossing Sardinia (to the Olbia area) and a new under-sea section to Tuscany (near Piombino), where the pipeline was to be tied to the Italian national gas transport network.
The Minister informed the representatives of the energy company that the Ministry of Economy supports natural gas transport schemes along the Asia - Europe route that could also run across Romania's territory.
Abu Dhabi National Energy Co (Taqa) said it is in talks with the Dutch government on changing the basis of gas transport tariffs to make the 4.
State oil and gas company PT Pertamina has set aside US$ 370 million to procure 26 units of new ship in various sizes for oil and gas transport until 2015.
Egypt's gas transport company, Gasco, a subsidiary of the national gas company EGAS, had been finalising repairs on a pipeline that supplies gas to Israel and Egypt, and was expected to complete the work over the weekend.
The company is to resume exporting gas to Turkey in the future, saying that the Iranian gas transport facilities and pipelines are functioning properly.
Summary: Tunisia will double its gas imports from Algeria and will consequently increase its royalties for the gas transport on its territory of the Transmed gas pipeline (also known as the Mattei gas pipeline) which carries Algerian gas to Italy , said a government source in Tunis.