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a tank for holding gasoline to supply a vehicle

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After the canine alerted to the vehicles undercarriage, officers discovered 32 wrapped packages of methamphetamine concealed within the gas tank and the rocker panels.
The fuel gauge didn't work so we had to get a new fuel sender in the gas tank.
Civil Defense confirmed that the fire resulted from a gas tank explosion inside the factory, and said their firefighting teams were trying to put it out.
High-capacity gas tanks have no legitimate sporting use--they have to go
was working on his dirt bike and refilling the gas tank when it ignited.
Kingswood Colomendy centre at Loggerheads had to be evacuated after an oak tree fell on a 3,000-litre propane gas tank, causing a serious leak
A KITCHEN worker was killed and 10 tourists and staff injured when a liquid gas tank exploded at a five-star hotel in Turkey today.
A conventional high-pressure natural gas tank operates at 3,600 pounds per square inch (psi), whereas this low-pressure tank operates at 500 psi.
He tries to go on the wagon, but finds himself back in the bar, pretending "once again I could drop lighted matches in a gas tank without consequence.
The story centers on two characters: a mother who has recently lost her husband to an unexpected death, and her teenage daughter, who reacts to the death by becoming an "ecoterrorist" when she puts sugar in the gas tank of equipment used to cut down trees in the forest.
Think of it this way: You could buy a Toyota Prius that is rated to get 55mpg, but if you load it down with 5 people, poke a few holes in the gas tank, and never change the fuel filter, you'll be fortunate to get 25mpg.
Meanwhile, a 1-lb preform has been developed to stretch-blow one of the world's largest oriented PET parts--a pressurized gas tank for cars.
Items like gas tank fuel fill hose and gas tank vent hose are said to be used by several of the company's OEM customers.
Meanwhile, consider how much you pump into, say, squirrel sanctuaries when you fill your gas tank.
If you have an older propane gas tank that has been denied refilling by retailers, it is probably because it lacks an Overfilling Prevention Device (OPD).