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a tank for holding gasoline to supply a vehicle

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Civil Defense confirmed that the fire resulted from a gas tank explosion inside the factory, and said their firefighting teams were trying to put it out.
2) Jonathan Pagan was filling the gas tank of his dirt bike when the tank exploded and started a fire on the side of his residence at 157 Vernon St.
The accident at Colomendy Centre on the Flintshire and Denbighshire border at Loggerheads near Mold, was treated as a major incident after one of the six 3,000 litre Calor propane gas tanks started leaking clouds of gas .
RESEARCHERS from the University of Missouri-Columbia and the Midwest Research Institute and Kansas City have developed an alternative fuel technology that will allow for natural gas tanks in all vehicles to match standard gasoline tank storage and efficiency while paving the way for cleaner car usage throughout the US.
This equates to having a hole in the gas tank of your Toyota Prius--not a good idea.
But all purchasing fads come to an end, and it looks like soaring gasoline prices have helped Americans re-consider the merits of bulky vehicles in favor of a gas tank that needs to be filled less often.
Meanwhile, a 1-lb preform has been developed to stretch-blow one of the world's largest oriented PET parts--a pressurized gas tank for cars.
Items like gas tank fuel fill hose and gas tank vent hose are said to be used by several of the company's OEM customers.
Meanwhile, consider how much you pump into, say, squirrel sanctuaries when you fill your gas tank.
If you have an older propane gas tank that has been denied refilling by retailers, it is probably because it lacks an Overfilling Prevention Device (OPD).
For three decades he has been working on, among other things (including 50 Penguin book jackets), a 100-picture series called Gas Tank City.
may be forced to cut production further later this week due to a shortage of some steel products after a gas tank explosion at its key steel product supplier, Toyota sources said Sunday.
New York may be the "drive-in" capital of the northeast when it comes to banking and food outlets, but its gas tank is nearly empty as far as fueling the requirements of auto showrooms and their service centers.
According to an official at the Civil Defense in Abu Dhabi, an error on behalf of the driver transporting the gas tank caused the explosion by not releasing the pressure from inside the tank.
24 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Starting Monday, September 24, commuters on the Southeast Expressway will notice that Boston's landmark gas tank will be getting a minor facelift.