gas stove

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a range with gas rings and an oven for cooking with gas

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Licence right for giving gas stove on rent and sale of firewood
Mr Arshad quoted Ms Aqsa as saying they had forgotten to switch off the gas stove before going to bed, because of the gas supply cuts.
New York [USA], December 30 ( ANI ): The fire at New York City's Bronx area, which occurred earlier on Friday, was caused by a three-year-old boy who was playing with a gas stove.
To avoid a grease fire, always wipe down and clean the surface of your gas stove.
In a second incident, her daughter was standing near the gas stove in the kitchen when her veil burst into flames.
A barangay tanod who refused to be quoted said prior to the incident he learned that a gas stove exploded from the direction of the victims' house.
SAVE Vango Compact gas stove Small, durable and powerful, this no-fuss stove is perfect for travel-light camping.
I SPOTTED a very modern-looking gas stove in an episode of Restoration Man on Channel 4 and was wondering where I could get one.
Susumu Naito, chairman of Japanese gas stove and heating appliances manufacturer Rinnai, talks to BusinessToday about plans to strengthen the brand's position in Oman.
Buy duplex glass top gas stove omega select plus Kitchen in a box worth Rs.
The fire is believed to have started when a gas stove exploded.
The houses and flats without gas meters:A[cedilla] With gas stove and permanent hot water supply (per month per resident) 138.
The woman was thought to have been making breakfast on a gas stove when the explosion happened.
She had enough presence of mind to quickly turn off the gas stove, and we scrambled to a doorway.