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a range with gas rings and an oven for cooking with gas

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In a second incident, her daughter was standing near the gas stove in the kitchen when her veil burst into flames.
We heard a loud explosion when the gas stove exploded.
The woman was thought to have been making breakfast on a gas stove when the explosion happened.
She had enough presence of mind to quickly turn off the gas stove, and we scrambled to a doorway.
He had been using a large cauldron on an old gas stove which he intended to replace as it was not working well.
Among children of mothers without asthma, none of the allergens were associated with persistent cough or wheeze, although exposure to mold and use of a gas stove were significantly related to persistent cough.
Nadia Bounhar suffered burns to half her body when the flame from a gas stove set her tent on fire.
The full kitchen is new with European style cabinets, a General Electric dishwasher, gas stove, refrigerator and Quasar microwave.
Firefighters responded to a CO alarm at a Hutchins Way home that had a CO level of over 25 ppm and discovered round disc on a gas stove was not on the burner.
They said having the gas stove changed their lives because more people could cook at the same time and the cooking itself was more hygienic.
The final straw appeared to come after Mr Karzai heard of a 15-year-old burnt to death over a gas stove - and his mother sent to pick up his body.
In the very first instant, I thought it was a huge gas stove explosion,'' recalled Kosak, 35, of West Los Angeles, who is enrolled in a two-tear Hebrew program at the university.
A Hollywood kitchen with a two-door refrigerator and gas stove, dining room and wall-to-wall carpeting are provided in all homes.
The main goal of the pilot study is to determine whether a market-based model for liquid petroleum gas stove adoption and household education will lead to adoption, uptake and sustained use of liquid petroleum gas stoves.
The statement Riva gas fire from Stovax Burley gas stove from John Lewis