gas station

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Synonyms for gas station

petrol station

Synonyms for gas station

a service station that sells gasoline

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Such gas stations will be the first step of transportation of agricultural machinery to gas fuel.
Gas stations are disappearing all over rural America as fuel-efficient vehicles gain range and as environmental regulations increase the cost of installing fuel tanks.
Pursuant to the agreement, three LNG gas stations are to be built in these areas.
Since 2011, the number of unlicensed gas stations in the capital has boomed.
He added: "Saudizing the gas station sector is another problem that companies are facing, since the work environment is not attractive for Saudis.
An entity controlled by Chattanooga businessman Lyle Finley is purchasing the 26 ExxonMobil gas stations in the Nashville area owned by Exxon.
There was an existing gas station there, so that speeds things up a bit," Merrill said, adding that Fred Meyer will be installing new fuel storage tanks.
Auburn, Millbury and Worcester police officers and a Worcester Police Evidence Recovery Unit van were at the gas station, which remained open for business.
Zere said that, though she has brokered some gas station land sales, like many commercial brokers, she doesn't typically like to work on gas station sites as there's little money in those deals.
Passion pumps gas while Jasmine stumbles out the car and walks--with a carefree nonchalance that makes Passion sleepy--inside the gas station.
The Guard doesn't let us work," says Rolando, sitting on a sidewalk watching a five-block-long line of cars wait to fill up at a gas station.
B undertook construction of gas station properties at grocery store locations in Texas.
Harry said Pertamina had actually intended to buy gas stations owned by private companies, but it is short of funds, adding that the price of a gas station ranges between 2.
Your local gas station may fuel more than your car in the near future; it may be an integral part of the sophisticated, nationwide wireless communications network that fuels your cell phone and other wireless transmissions in the new millennium, if Motiva Enterprises' foresight is prophetic.