gas station

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Synonyms for gas station

petrol station

Synonyms for gas station

a service station that sells gasoline

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He reportedly admitted to shooting the man at Jezzine gas station in Zrarieh on Feb.
The gas station employees stood trial in absentia at Dubai's Court of First Instance.
Bultrade gas station in Omurtdag a town at the eastern foot of Stara Planina in northeastern Bulgaria, part of Targovishte Province, sold the most expensive diesel last Friday at BGN 2.
The US Olympic Committee CEO apologised for the incident after the video emerged, showing apparent lewd behaviour by the swimmers at the gas station.
Such gas stations will be the first step of transportation of agricultural machinery to gas fuel.
Gas stations are disappearing all over rural America as fuel-efficient vehicles gain range and as environmental regulations increase the cost of installing fuel tanks.
Pursuant to the agreement, three LNG gas stations are to be built in these areas.
Since 2011, the number of unlicensed gas stations in the capital has boomed.
Following the transaction, AllOver will be able to deliver static ads with audio content, which will result in a multifaceted experience at gas stations, the company said.
He added: "Saudizing the gas station sector is another problem that companies are facing, since the work environment is not attractive for Saudis.
As gas prices go up, people tend to buy less convenience store food and drinks, which are more profitable for gas station owners than gasoline.
Fred Meyer received its building permit in March to move forward with construction of a gas station near its store at 800 Lakeway Drive.
The joint venture opened its 10th gas station Monday in Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi.