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a pump in a service station that draws gasoline from underground storage tanks

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I believe FUEL CALL[R] will offer a great benefit for those customers who need help at the gas pump.
James Perry started out looking for parts for an old gas pump and wound up buying an entire 1930s-vintage station.
But by acting in concert, across the industry, refiners could ensure that supplies constrict in an artificial and manipulative manner, insulating refiners from competition, causing unprecedented price spikes and guaranteeing themselves hefty profits," said Gas Pump Watch.
Richard Loria, an allergist, says, "Allowing peanut butter around the peanut-allergic child is like allowing smoking at the gas pump.
This technique provides the benefits of using two fuels without the hassle of filling two tanks at the gas pump, Matthews notes.
This may not bode well for consumers at the gas pump or for those heating their homes with oil.
Nor did most of the reports about scary encounters at the gas pump have much to say about America's insatiable appetite for fossil fuels or our growing distaste for energy efficiency.
The car pins the woman between a gas pump and her car.
It truly is a testament to the dedication of our employees, partnerships and delivering a convenient and valued solution to consumers at the gas pump.
Sometimes he likes to check his oil while the gas pump runs with the cap holding the nozzle open.
It will also feature three additional gas pump islands, which will include an additional six gas pumps.
After more than a month of declines at the gas pump, experts project more relief in sight for cash-strapped drivers.
Americans who avoid higher prices at the gas pump may encounter them at the grocery store; the Congressional Budget Office projects a 10 percent increase in corn prices between 2007 and 2015.