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Synonyms for blowhole

the spiracle of a cetacean located far back on the skull

a hole for the escape of gas or air

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Due to the gas pocket four persons lost their lives instantly.
This melt film can't be dragged or scraped away because there's only a gas pocket over it.
Gas pocket - on cope side (horizontally parted only) 2.
The team looked at the effects of gas pockets forming, venting and increasing temperatures on the layers inside two distinct commercial Li-ion batteries as they exposed the battery shells to temperatures in excess of 250 degrees C.
At the highest altitudes, the gas pockets appeared to be shifted away from the poles.
Under normal conditions of use there shall be no formation of gas pockets cavities or cracks in the
It is only within the last few years that improved geological identification of potential gas pockets, horizontal drilling and pressure fracturing have created such a huge supply of North American gas that the price differential between natural gas and fuel oil enabled the cost-effective transportation of significant quantities of CNG by truck over long distances.
Owing to their small size, gas pockets which form from migrating hydrocarbons may be uneconomical to extract.
The technology provides a view of the reservoir's formations, oil and gas pockets, faults and other characteristics in a timely manner.
One way to combat it was to deliberately destroy gas accumulations in a dangerous operation conducted by a "monk", actually a miner shrouded in a wet blanket who poked a candle on a long pole into gas pockets.
And, before you ask," she added, tugging the bed sheets over her, "that other sound isn't gas pockets in the pipework.
gas pockets within the soil, affirming that the response team had started
Geoseismic mapping has become the go-to technology for locating the gas pockets.
On gas pockets in wastewater pressure mains and their effect on hydraulic performance.
For instance, the methane gas pockets present in pipeline oil has traditionally been burned off when it reached the oil refinery.