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Synonyms for pain

Synonyms for pain

a sensation of physical discomfort occurring as the result of disease or injury

one that makes another totally miserable by causing sharp pain and irritation


to cause suffering or painful sorrow to

to have or cause a feeling of physical pain or discomfort

Synonyms for pain

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We recommend that you try eliminating milk and milk products for at least 30 days to see if your gas pains go away.
Many mountain roads had a dotted white line, even though they twisted more than a snake with gas pains.
Some people believe that antacids can be used to relieve gas pains.
The prevailing theories have been that it has something to do with an immature digestive tract causing gas pains.
It's good for cough, kidney problems, gas pains," Kifaya Abdullah Tawil told Gulf News.
aACAoGeneral discomfort in your stomach area (frequent gas pains, bloating, fullness or cramps)
Smooth operators: Ford vehicles help ease gas pains
With the record-high gas prices and slumping economy causing different kinds of gas pains, no golf club has resorted to presenting the club champion with a fill-up instead of a trophy or forcing rangers to walk instead of ride, but these are challenging times.