gas oil

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an oil formed through distillation of petroleum of intermediate boiling range and viscosity

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The company projects its physical supply of gas oil in West Africa and global bunker trading operation will generate an impressive $100 million in turnover in its first year.
Egypt has been forced to issue regular gas oil tenders to fill in for disruptions to supply caused by a series of attacks on a natural gas pipeline that runs from Egypt to Israel.
Project background The Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) is planning to fix package 1 of LSFO, FG, and gas oil pipelines.
Zeyghami said that gas oil will account for 60-70 percent of the shipments, gasoline will account for 25-30 percent and aviation fuel for 10 percent.
The 228m tanker, with its cargo of Vacum Gas Oil, was expected in Belfast Port last night for inspections of the hull before repairs are carried out.
BEIRUT: Energy and Water Minister Jibran Bassil plans to submit a proposal to the government to remove the VAT on red gas oil as part of efforts to alleviate the suffering of citizens living in remote areas, sources told The Daily Star Monday.
Japan's massive earthquake and tsunami crippled its refining industry, raising expectations the country will have to import more diesel, gas oil and fuel oil.
Low-sulfur marine gas oils are expected to have less impact on the environment because they result in fewer SOx emissions.
The volume of gas oil and jet fuel stored on ships at sea has risen by about 10 million barrels since mid-June, and is now enough to meet about 85 per cent of the world's daily oil demand.
The price of the gas that we will import is 50 percent less than that of the gas oil that we currently have," Tabourian said.
Waxy vacuum gas oil molecules flow to the hydrocracker to begin conversion.
Japan's largest oil refiner, said Tuesday it will raise wholesale prices on gasoline and gas oil by 3.
The city office of Kawasaki, near Tokyo, decided Tuesday to create a subsidiary program to promote the use of environment-friendly light gas oil, officials said.
The bitumen is currently upgraded in two Fluid Cokers anti an LC-Finer (ebullated-bed hydrocracker) followed by hydrotreatment of naphtha, light gas oil (LGO), and heavy gas oil (HGO).
TOCOM" or the "Exchange") announced today that the Exchange has decided to start working with concerned parties to reopen the gas oil futures contract on May 6, 2010.