gas mileage

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the ratio of the number of miles traveled to the number of gallons of gasoline burned

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If you want to save big bucks at the pump, simply changing your driving habits can improve your gas mileage by 30 percent or more.
Testers measured gas mileage while driving at a steady 55, 65 and 75 miles per hour in a Honda Accord, Toyota RAV4 and three versions of a Ford Fusion, including a hybrid.
But the gas mileage of the new hybrid Corolla will be less than the 35.
The inflated figures were uncovered by the Environmental Protection Agency in an audit of gas mileage tests by the two South Korean automakers.
Unfortunately, that gas mileage will get a whole lot worse if you've got a leaky fuel tank drainplug.
The extra gear means better gas mileage and smoother shifting, though there were slight hesitations off the mark that caused jumpy starts.
Of course, the fact that today's automobiles get about double the gas mileage of cars in the 1960s counteracts any contribution to global warming that our extra avoirdupois may entail.
Only two cars sold in the United States have a combined city/highway gas mileage of over 40 miles per gallon (mpg).
The declines are due to the Environmental Protection Agency using more realistic conditions to estimate the gas mileage of cars and trucks.
WESTLAKE VILLAGE -- Several months of higher prices have taken a toll on consumers as new-vehicle shoppers are more frequently citing gas mileage as a reason for rejecting a vehicle, according to J.
But now, with gas at more than $3 a gallon, sales of Hummers are declining, as Americans become increasingly conscious of gas mileage.
Easy to travel, because you can do it in a car and gas mileage isn't crazy.
of spindle force, which will give better gas mileage than a pneumatic tire at conventional inflation pressure.
com offer suggestions to help both your car and your wallet counter the energy crunch with some simple yet effective gas mileage tips.
So, if you are looking to save some money, here are the gasoline-powered cars with the best advertised gas mileage.