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a main that distributes gas

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Officers attended the scene, where a gas main had been ripped out of the back of a ground floor flat.
MACKETS LANE/HALEWOOD ROAD: Until May 11 there will be temporary traffic signals while the North West Gas Alliance undertakes gas main renewal works.
Northern Gas Networks is carrying out gas mains work along Whitley Road, in Whitley Bay, which is designed to replace old metal pipes with more reliable plastic ones.
Police said a gas main carried in the bridge was broken, and falling street lights caused a number of minor explosions.
A West Midlands Fire Service spokesman said: "Workers hit an electrical cable which then sparked a gas main.
Without having to shut down any lanes of traffic, the gas main restoration was completed with the cured-in-place relining in less than a week.
More than 2,500 families in Balsall Common were already shivering after workmen building a new road severed the gas main for the second time.
The gas main broke when a large tree uprooted in the area.
The metal gas main is being replaced with more durable plastic pipes which will ensure the safe and reliable supply of gas to customers.
MACKETS LANE/HALEWOOD ROAD From April 2 until May 11 the North West Gas Alliance will be undertaking gas main renewal works.
Roads affected by the gas mains replacement work include Killingworth Road, Benton Park Road, Freeman Road, Haddricks Mill Road and Church Road.
Supplies were cut when a gas main ruptured on Monday.
PART of a Coventry street will have to be closed for two weeks for gas main work.
Yankee Gas Services Company has implemented a new protocol for soil compaction designed to prevent potholes from forming following gas main installation construction.
Invitation To Bid: 2014 miscellaneous gas main replacement