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Synonyms for gas line

a queue of vehicles waiting to purchase gasoline

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a pipeline used to transport natural gas

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a pipe that carries gasoline from a tank to a gasoline engine

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With a $30 billion estimated cost, the gas line could be the largest capital project in North America in the coming years.
50: A second gas line bursts and flames shoot 100metres into the air.
The gas lines for all used gases (argon, methane and ethylene) are connected to the same variable area flowmeter.
In 2007, Atmos Energy experienced more than 8,000 incidents of damage to natural gas lines across 12 states, many of which could have been avoided with a call in advance to locate the lines.
Last year, nearly 283 natural gas lines were damaged by third-party contractors or residents, a slight increase from the same time period in 2014.
Town Manager Jeffrey Hull said that the Lynnfield lateral line, is the a smaller gas lines that branchs out from Dracut, travels 100 ft of the Browns Crossing wellfield and within close proximity to the Salem Street wellfield.
The utility has been continuously working to upgrade its infrastructure, including installing a new 24-inch steel casing for the 20-inch gas line among businesses and a major interstate.
The plumber inadvertently ruptured a natural gas line that was placed through the home's sewer line.
The PM was adamant that the "Burgas-Alexandroupolis" oil line will be built only after receiving a positive environmental assessment, while work on the "South Stream" gas line is ongoing and there are no alarming issues.
Homs, central Syria (SANA) - President Bashar al-Assad inaugurated on Wednesday the South Central Area's gas plant and the first stage of the Arab Gas Line project in Homs.
Now my plea is not only for more North Slope development of oil reserves (probably not going to happen), but also, and more so, the development of the infamous gas line, which will boost our economy in tough economic times.
AUBURN - A phone company construction crew accidentally hit a 4-inch, high-pressure main gas line as part of the Route 12 expansion project yesterday morning while digging a hole for a new utility pole, shutting down traffic in the area for about 90 minutes, according to police.
SUN VALLEY - Just two days after a mistake by a DWP crew cut electricity to half of Los Angeles, another worker at a Department of Water and Power facility accidentally punctured a methane gas line Wednesday, causing a blast that damaged nearby cars.
However, "in many Iraqi cities, men with plastic containers full of gas line the roads outside gas stations, offering the same product for a much higher price but faster.
An equipment operator digging underground at Lane Community College accidentally cut into a gas line Saturday morning, prompting officials to evacuate the few people who were on campus at the time.