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a lamp that burns illuminating gas

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However, with the rise of electricity, they soon disappeared, and on January 3, 1975 the last gas lamp in Duke Street, Gosta Green, was taken down, watched by the last lamplighter, William Sanders.
Meanwhile, dad faffs about tapping the gas lamp filaments that flicker and fade like a good idea in Nick Clegg's head.
There is an old gas lamp on the corner and in front of that one of the posts supporting the overhead wires for the trams, the tram lines can be seen quite clearly in the road.
J R R Tolkien's Middle Earth is said to be the view of Herefordshire from the Malverns, Sir Edward Elgar's compositions drew on the Worcestershire countryside and Narnia's iconic gas lamp is also to be found in Malvern Wells, close to where C S Lewis attended school.
For many, it is the house that will bring back memories of Christmas past with a working gas lamp in Dylan's tiny bedroom and a chance to do as Dylan did as he looked out into the moonlight and the unending smoke-coloured snow'.
Not half as much damage as her turning on a gas lamp then fumbling about for five minutes to light a match - which she'd been doing for most of her life - miraculously never blowing her and everybody else's head off.
The pair hadonly moved into the accommodation a few days earlier andPeter hadborrowed thebutane gas lamp tokeep them warmbecause they believed there was no credit left on their electricity meter.
A thirsty man had plenty of choice in this area - on the left behind the gas lamp is the Fleece Hotel, beyond that on the left with the white cornerstones is the Globe Hotel, and at the end on the right hand side of the street on the corner with Market Square is the Talbot Hotel.
The main public bar, a small room jam-packed with memorabilia and a gas lamp, has played host to thousands of characters and celebrities over the years and grown men were said to be crying in their beer this week when Mr Thomas, a colossus among landlords, announced his retirement.
The sight of 15-year-olds putting a bottle of neat vodka to their heads while stumbling along the street belongs more to the gas lamp age than the days of mobile phones and iPods.
During this process a wealth of information has been uncovered including police magistrate's court dockets, Carnegie Music Hall rental books, peddler and dog licenses, property maps and logbooks of gas lamp lighting and market scales.
The cars look pre-war and there is still a gas lamp on the opposite pavement, only the shorter coats of the pedestrians give away that this picture is post-war.
An original gas lamp fronts the Santa Barbara Historical Museum, a contrast of dark-beamed ceilings, white walls and red terra cotta Mexican tile that typify one of the architectural styles popular among the region's settlers - the Chumash Indians, the Spanish, the Mexicans, the Americans and the Chinese.
HOUSTON -- Utility Communicators International (UCI), a not-for-profit association of individuals dealing with all aspects of communications in the Utility Industry, is planning the annual Professional Development Seminar for January 17-18, 2008 at the Hilton Gas Lamp District Hotel in San Diego, California.
A man in a cloth cap trudges through the snow with his hands deep in his pockets as a gas lamp lights the gloom of the freezing cold day and through the falling snow, the shape of the Transporter Bridge can just be made out above the snowy rooftops.