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burner such that combustible gas issues from a nozzle to form a steady flame

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The topics include the influence of relative distance between ledges on the stress-strain state of rock at a face, differential equations of processes for the hydropuls power mechanism of drill machines, the effect of diamond tool performance capability on the quality of a processed surface, calculating the gas-dynamic impact of the active shielding gas on the electrode metal drop in gas jet shielded welding, and assessing efficiency of cloud-based services by linear programming.
We managed by sitting by a single gas jet during the day because I could only afford coal for nights.
17 chows the size droplets distributions, we observe in this figure that the recirculation gas flow trap all droplets or becomes towards the path of the flow is also noted that though these droplets follow the flow and differ very little from the gas jet
For a constant fluidization velocity in the annulus, it becomes therefore more difficult for the solids coming from the annulus with increasing velocity in the central nozzle ncN to penetrate into the central gas jet.
Along with flame treatment, which delivers reactive ions via a burning gas jet, corona surface treatment has become the most common method.
When it struck my four Browning machine guns it streaked to the end of the flash eliminators and surged off like flames from a gas jet.
And no lamp post without a rope hanging from the crossbar below the window protecting the gas jet, yes, gas.
Screw in the gas jets in decreasing order of gas jet holes until the rifle operates and ejects normally.
The fluidic oscillations occur in the measuring chamber but the formation of the gas jet and the conditioning of the gas prior to this are both critical functions in the design of a robust and accurate measuring device.
An ion propulsion system converts power from the spacecraft power system into the kinetic energy of an ionized gas jet.
In the revolutionary treatment, particles are accelerated to supersonic speed within a helium gas jet generated inside a hand-held gun device known as Powderject.
Using a high-velocity ceramic spinner to introduce salts into the molten aluminum, and with the aid of a gas jet, it efficiently removes impurities like oxides, intermetallics and refractory particles.
Ion Systems, a leading supplier of electrostatics management solutions, today unveiled the Model 5292e-6 Gas Jet AeroBar(R), a gas handling system with six recessed single costs and raise productivity in flat panel display (FPD) manufacturing by neutralizing static charge on surfaces, the ionizer is based on technology developed for the Model 5290, the original Gas Jet AeroBar.