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a large gas-tight spherical or cylindrical tank for holding gas to be used as fuel


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When gas was produced at Foleshill it was a very busy place with lots of buildings and three gas holders.
One of the classic views of Garston is that of the gas holder and the parish church of St Michael alongside each other.
This gas holder gave trouble-free service from 1927.
The gas holder is owned by Northern Gas Networks and managed by United Utilities.
Tenders are invited for Annual Maintenance Of Gas Holder Of Sms-Ii.
He must have hitched a lift in an early aeroplane, around the First World War, to secure the shot of the huge gas holder with Coventry painted in large letters on its roof, visible for miles around.
Tenders are invited for Painting Of Oxygen e[logical not](e1/2&e[logical not])e1/2 Nitrogen Gas Holder, Oxygen Filling Station, Buffer Tanks Etc.
Mr Holmes was also involved in the aftermath of the IRA attacks which brought terror to Tyneside in 1993 with bomb blasts at the Esso Oil Refinery in North Shields and a British Gas holder in Dunston.
It will run from the gas holder in South Gosforth to an existing gas governor station off Jesmond Dene Road and once complete, will carry enough gas to supply 10,000 homes and businesses.
Tenders are invited for Proposed Construction and installation of Gas Holder, Utilization system of Kitchen waste based BIO GAS plant at Division Office Jafferkhanpet in in Div-138, Unit-28, Zone-10
The contract includes selective demolition of Gas holder 4 down to the surrounding ground level.
Northern Gas Networks owns the structure which is the only remaining gas holder in town and is maintained to ensure gas supplies never run short.
Coventry's famous gasworks feature in the book with an image of Hugh Gaitskell with the Lord Mayor, WH Malcolm at the Gasworks with gas holder behind in 1948.
Allan Grafton, Gorton events Gas holder could be flats ONE solution tor the use of the gas holder in Bradford Road is to do what has been done in Dublin.