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a large gas-tight spherical or cylindrical tank for holding gas to be used as fuel


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The explosion has damaged the roof of the gas holder badly.
The gas level was measured by means of a side scale attached to the gas holder and recorded daily.
England take on Zimbabwe beneath the old gas holder in the NatWest series with the bowlers likely to be calling the shots in conditions sure to suit.
Eric Owen Moss's proposal for the re-use of a gas holder in Vienna energetically colonises redundant space with a series of complex eruptions and interpenetrations.
Alternative 1 included removal of the waste/soil from gas holder foundations, demolition of the upper part of the foundation, and excavation of obviously contaminated soil to six feet below grade.
A wet seal gas holder for a Rohm and Haas chemical plant in Deer Park.
Tenders are invited for Renovation Of Underground Drain And Extension Of Open Drain At Coke Ovens Gas Holder Chowk.
WORK to dismantle Wallasey's last remaining gas holder could be to blame for a mysterious smell of gas in the area.
Just painting the middle gas holder a light, aqua blue in between two red ones which resemble the colour of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge helps all three of them to stand out in between the verdant grass of the playing field and the blue sky above.
We TAKE the security of our sites extremely seriously and will be conducting an investigation to find out how access was gained to the gas holder on GasworKs Street.
HOW IT WORKS The biogas plant consists of two basic components: a digester (or fermentation tank) and a gas holder.
Protest over gas holder goes to London A DEPUTATION from Stockton to the Department of Town and Country Planning believed that their protest over a new gas holder at Portrack would be effective.
Within hours he discovered that a German bomber had pierced a gas holder sending flames 20ft into the sky.
When my daughter was younger we used to walk to school, and in the distance we could see a gas holder, at the top of which was the mechanism for lifting and lowering it.
The third gas holder will remain as it is a listed structure.