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a heater that burns gas for heat

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The process gas heater is not a part of the DRI technology utilized by Nucor Steel Louisiana, but is a piece of equipment necessary for the facility to operate.
The PSD also said a third victim, a 58-year-old woman, died in a gas heater fire in her home in the village of Qumeim near Irbid after suffering severe burns.
The cause of the fire was a gas heater that was situated too close to the couch, setting it alight.
A CORONER warned of the dangers of portable gas heaters after a 63-year-old man died from carbon monoxide poisoning.
The VariMax IFRG[TM] is an ultra-high-efficiency, industrial, indirect-fired gas heater used to heat process air streams without contaminating the air with the products of combustion.
It has an eaves height of 10ft 6in and benefits from an overhead gas heater and roller shutter door.
My suggestion is to have a portable gas heater that uses butane cylinders on standby for when there's a power cut.
The gas heater didn't work because it has an electric motor.
recommends you go for a bottled gas heater with a thermostat, although you should be aware that gas bottles are heavy and cumbersome.
Flameless catalytic gas heater panels for roll- and sheet-fed thermoformers use median to long-wave infrared energy and aid in reducing costs over electric IR.
Comparison of cases with baseline data from three neighborhoods Number of Cases applicable with risk Risk factor Referent group cases factor Gas heater No gas heater 91 59% Gas heater Solid-fuel heater 70 77% El Sol heater Other gas heater 54 48% Gas stove for heating No gas stove for heating 91 1% Heater on at night Heater off at night 91 16% Windows/doors sealed Not sealed 91 32% Number of Baseline applicable households Crude P baseline with risk odds Risk factor households factor ratio Gas heater 299 30% 3.
Open a window slightly whenever using a kerosene or gas heater.
A Instead of a conventional gas heater, I like the Heatstrip Infrared Radiant Strip Heater.
The soldiers used gas heater to keep warm their room but unfortunately they failed to turn it off before going on bed and the gas leakage poisoned six soldiers who took their last breathe before being taken to hospital," the statement added.