gas heater

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a heater that burns gas for heat

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The death probe heard how security firm Bell Guarding had provided him with a faulty portable gas heater.
Charlene's mum, Shirley Robinson, said they borrowed the gas heater because they had no heating.
The couple, who live in Kenilworth, say if people see a gas heater in a shower they should simply walk away.
Jordan's heartbroken father David, 43, said: "It was just a tragic accident - we are sure it was carbon monoxide poisoning from a small Calor gas heater.
PEOPLE using gas heaters should ensure the supply is switched off before they go to bed, a coroner said yesterday.
A man building his own home succumbed to deadly carbon monoxide fumes from an old gas heater in the tiny garden shed he was using as temporary living accommodation, an inquest heard yesterday.
Either the gas heater took all the oxygen out of the room and she suffocated or fumes from the heater caused her to die from carbon monoxide poisoning.
They said when the woman tried to turn on the gas heater in the morning the fire broke out in the room.
Police sources said the resident of Chakbah Manshera schoolteacher Azam Shahzad left the gas heater on and after gas filled in his room suffocating his mother and him to death.
A NORTH Wales man died after being overcome by deadly carbon monoxide fumes from an old gas heater.
ABBOTTABAD -- A woman and her two children died of suffocation caused by a gas heater in Dobhatter village here on the night between Saturday and Sunday.
Swedish environment control firm Munters has introduced a direct fired gas heater that uses natural gas and LPG as burning fuel.
But they agree that the money saved from the energy-efficient heat pump outweighs that of a gas heater.
According to the police, the incident took place in the Khairkhawa religious seminary located in the Yakh Karez area of Kuchlak where three young students went to sleep in their hostel room without turning off the gas heater as it was cold.
According to police sources, the mishap took place at a house in Sariab area when one of them victims tried to turn on the gas heater due to sever cold weather.