gas guzzler

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a car with relatively low fuel efficiency

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A study by the nonprofit Friends of the Earth found that, since 1999, major automakers have avoided paying billions of dollars In Gas Guzzler Taxes by calling passenger vehicles "light trucks.
Our claims data fell in line with other reports and market sources and did show that fuel-efficient vehicles tend to rise more quickly and reliably in value during periods of high prices than gas guzzlers, which fall in value," he added.
As for the CAFE payment and the Gas Guzzler Tax, the Commission argues they "place the tax primarily on imported cars and are therefore of concern to European exporters.
Anyway, scientists estimate that it is not gas guzzlers who are the root cause of the situation - but grass guzzlers.
Price increases bring the starting level to $47,500 with the mandatory gas guzzler tax, but before adding options.
Once the dust settles in the desert, maybe Americans will realize that there are better ways to get their hydrocarbons than by fighting for them, and that there are better ways to get to work in the morning than by driving a gas guzzler.
But because the cars in the test are very fuel efficient, even those that fell just short of that high mpg threshold would be a good choice for someone who is currently piling up the miles in a gas guzzler, says Edmunds.
I suggest the council sell off some of its assets that are superfluous, like the personal number plate of the Mayoral car, and while we are at it, swap the gas guzzler for a small electric car.
Who will want to hear him pontificating about the latest gas guzzler when their own is rusting in the garage?
He also defended the Freelander 2 against the "gas guzzler" charge, saying: "The Freelander does 38 miles per gallon - it's not a gas guzzler.
Sadly, Karren, you and the rest of the mums and dads causing traffic congestion at school gates, whether it be in a Mini or your 4x4 gas guzzler, are only thinking about yourselves and use your children's safety as an argument to justify your selfish actions.
Is there a connection between falling gas guzzler sales and rising gasoline prices?
1-liter, it will help the Grand Cherokee avoid the gas guzzler tax.
This shows the gas guzzler business model of the past is now bankrupt," said NRDC vehicles policy director Roland Hwang.
Gas Guzzler Trade-In Calculator - With gas prices as high as they are, it might be tempting to trade in your gas guzzler for a fuel-efficient alternative.