gas gun

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a gun that fires gas shells

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A Nabis ballistics expert holds an 1873 St Etienne |revolver and inset left, a Turkish-built Zoracki gas gun now favoured by violent UK criminals
One piece of equipment you will require to finish the creme brulees is a gas gun.
A TEENAGER kept a tear gas gun hidden under a kitchen unit because it made him feel safe, a court was told.
56mm Mauser pistol, which was found wrapped in clothes in the front passenger footwell, and a 9mm converted gas gun, which was discovered on a rear seat.
But cannabis, amphetamines and a gas gun were found at his London flat.
The Pelican Bay State Prison security force had at their disposal a wide array of non-lethal weaponry, such as tasers (both handheld and projectile darts), handheld aerosols dispensing mace, and teargas canisters filled with wood block and rubber pellet projectiles fired at high velocity from a 37-millimeter gas gun.
Sure, the Batmobile was a little extreme with its rocket launchers, gas gun and smoke screen shooters, but in the diminutive Greek's garage, it really wasn't that out of place.
KG Industries retains its patent rights to the Gas Gun, which the two companies launched in 2001.
The court held that a reasonable officer could have believed that it was lawful to wait to enter the area until another officer, who was inside the block, exhausted his efforts to control the situation with a gas gun and pepper spray.
Four test firings from a 101 mm light gas gun in July 2001 proved a scramjet engine could sustain Mach 7 in thin air at a simulated 100,000-foot altitude.
The investigators plan to use a large gas gun owned by NASA to fire extremely high-velocity projectiles into bacteria-covered concrete.
gas gun that tamed recoil to 12 gauge levels and hunters began taking a second look at the mighty shell.
It turned out he had a gas gun which wasn't loaded but, when he was waving it, we had to think of the worst scenario.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Plate butt for tear gas gun qty:6879 nos.
The London-born 17-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is also suspected of involvement in an pepper spray attack on a prostitute and shooting a man in the face with a tear gas gun, blinding him in one eye.