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any of the four outermost planets in the solar system

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SeeNews) - Nov 8, 2012 - QGEP (SAO:QGEP3), the oil and gas arm of Brazilian industrial conglomerate Queiroz Galvao, yesterday said it had signed an accord to acquire 30% in three exploration blocks of federal oil and gas giant Petrobras (SAO:PETR3).
The so-called Cygnus project, involving gas giant Centrica, is expected to create around 4,000 jobs.
The Kremlin-controlled Russian gas giant Gazprom needs Central Asian gas to compensate for a decline in production from some Siberian fields, a fall which in 2007 was estimated to be threatening to undermine its $37bn/year European gas export business.
Marvin Herndon of Transdyne Corporation deduces "a more fundamental, general consideration from Earth's early formation as a Jupiter-like gas giant.
VILNIUS - Shareholders, including Russian gas giant Gazprom, have asked for more time to consider plans at Lithuanian gas utility Lietuvos Dujos (Lithuanian Gas) to split up ownership of gas supply and transportation assets, reports ELTA.
Oil and gas giant Total E&P UK were third, transport giant FirstGroup held fourth position with another oil and gas company, John Wood Group, retaining their fifth placing.
The firms, including VW, Porsche, and gas giant Linde, are worried employees might give away trade secrets and be less productive, according to a report in Wirtschafts Woche magazine.
Russia's gas giant Gazprom had no plans to cut the gas price for Bulgaria, the head of the company's foreign relations department, Stanislav Tsygankov, told Bulgarian National Radio.
The gas giant HD 209458bm is orbiting so close to its star that its heated atmosphere is streaming into space.
Russian gas giant Gazprom said it had agreed to pay Belarus's gas pipeline operator Beltransgaz a gas transit fee that Minsk had long insisted upon.
Russian gas giant Gazprom is in a pertnership with Italian energy firm Eni to build South Stream.
market: Russia's state-controlled gas giant Gazprom sees its share of the U.
Summary: Algerian oil and gas giant Sonatrach announced Sunday it has signed contracts worth 1.
Oil Minister Gholam-Hossain Nozari has again announced that Total, the French oil and gas giant, has agreed to continue developing the South Pars gasfield.
Gas giant Gazprom stopped sending any gas to European consumers at 5.