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gauge that indicates the amount of gasoline left in the gasoline tank of a vehicle

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Nissan also said faulty gas gauges can display an incorrect amount of fuel left in the tank when it is in fact empty.
Summary: Up to 50,000 cars in the region could have problems with brake pedals or gas gauges.
It's not fun to watch your gas gauge drop precipitously when you're riding along with less than a quarter-tank of fuel, which is what I had the displeasure of doing.
At this point in the story, we usually hear about the building storm clouds, the near-empty gas gauge, and the radios mysteriously gone dead--not this time.
The author, a decorated naval pilot who earned his wings in the Korean War and retired with some seven thousand flight hours under his belt, presents some of the folly of his flight experiences with humorous yarns of ground collisions, of trying to find a spot to land in the Korean DMZ with a gas gauge reading empty and a host of others guaranteed to interest and amuse.
Do not let your gas gauge get below half a tank before filling up.
The guys elbow has the range of motion of my gas gauge which continuously flirts between empty and the "Best be ready to walk your ass home" redline.
So while eyeing his gas gauge, which dips precariously into the red zone, Coffman winds in and out of a mind-boggling number of developments until he reaches one called Northridge.
most gas-powered cars can go before the gas gauge hits empty.
But they were fooled by the craft's gas gauge, stuck at an old setting.
Watch your gas gauge - To save fuel, take direct routes, minimize side trips and keep a steady speed.
The purpose of this Qualification System is to provide a list of companies qualified to be invited to restricted and negotiated procedures for the supply of electronic devices for measuring gas gauge G4.
The fact that, twice in a row, I have hit the halfway mark at the same place near the reservoir leaves me with a dilemma: Is it the point on the gas gauge or the point around the reservoir that my car doesn't like?