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a furnace that burns gas

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This document includes a checklist for inspecting and adjusting gas furnaces on pages 7 to 9; one for your main air conditioner (including the evaporator coils inside and the condensing unit outside) on page 14; and one for the basement heat pump (listed as air-to-air heat pump condenser) on page 16.
com/news/arizona-news/family-of-four-found-dead-inside-parks-home) Fox affiliate KSAZ-TV quoted Ponderosa Fire Chief Lee Antonides as saying that it was possible to smell a leak from a propane gas furnace.
Ekstrom Jon E & April R, 2587 Grand Vista Dr; Replace (2) Gas Furnaces And (2) Air Conditioners; $12,410.
PHOTO 4 (RIGHT) Gas Water Heater and Gas Furnace In Closet.
The primary energy consumption of the CCHP system was compared to a natural gas furnace.
Savings from a higher-efficiency Furnace Gas Furnace Annual savings projected for a 2,500-square-foot by replacing a less efficient gas furnace with a new 90-percent efficient gas unit, assuming a price of 42.
Historically, oil furnaces last much longer than natural gas furnaces, because they burn at a much hotter temperature and drive away combustion condensation that can shorten the life of a natural gas furnace.
But there is no guarantee, he added, that these steps would fix the problem--especially if the problem is not in the compressor or the compressor coils surrounding it, but somewhere between the air conditioning unit outside the house and the indoor cooling coils sitting on top of the central gas furnace inside the house.
The powder will be then incinerated at a temperature of 1,000 C in a gas furnace with oxygen and steam, converting the powder into gas.
THE boss of the plastics factory where nine people were killed in an explosion yesterday admitted it had a gas furnace made out of an old dustbin lorry.
The new technology sends iron fines and coal into a rotary hearth gas furnace where an oxygen reaction creates the iron nuggets.
For the consumer who desires the ultimate in comfort, quiet and environmentally friendly performance, the combination of the Amana[R] RSG Ultron 16-SEER Air Conditioner and GUVA Air Command 96% AFUE Gas Furnace features energy efficiencies and operating levels that are among the best in the heating and cooling industry.
The Dave Lennox Signature Collection's G61V gas furnace line features SilentComfort technology to reduce operating noise.
The amount of gas furnace fuel that we are saving is very substantial.
The petty officer and his family died after turning on their gas furnace the first night temperatures dropped.