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an internal-combustion engine similar to a gasoline engine but using natural gas instead of gasoline vapor

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But with the introduction of GE s new Waukesha VGF models with the emPact product offering, GE is offering packagers and end users a more beneficial one-stop shop for the gas engine, controls and aftertreatment systems.
9 liter engine has become the leading natural gas engine for transit buses, refuse trucks and urban delivery trucks, which represent a significant portion of on-highway and urban power in California.
A gas engine cogeneration system uses a gas engine to drive a power generator to generate electricity, while the system's waste heat found in the exhaust gas and the coolant of the gas engine are used as steam and hot water.
GE's 10-MW Jenbacher J920 FleXtra gas engine is designed to achieve the highest electrical efficiency level in its class.
We found that nine countries make up more than half of the world's gas engine market - these countries have been the focus of our research.
Recently, GE announced it signed a contract to provide Texas-based Sky Global Partners with its most efficient gas engine, the J920 FleXtra, marking the largest order in North America for the company's latest reciprocating engine technology.
With more countries in Africa expanding their use of natural gas-fueled on-site power technologies to address their domestic energy demands, GE 's Distributed Power business (NYSE: GE ) today announced orders for eight trailer-mounted GE TM2500+ aeroderivative gas turbine-generators and the first Jenbacher gas engine project in Algeria.
Funk highlighted the company's recent strategic alliance with Minneapolis, Minnesota-based diesel engine remanufacturer Reviva to produce "drop-in" natural gas engines that utilize Omnitek's diesel-to-natural gas engine conversion kits for the widely utilized Navistar DT 466E and DT 530E heavy-duty truck engines as a convenient option for large fleets.
Featuring one of GE's Waukesha 16 V 275GL+gas engines with an output of 4,835 bhp at 1,000 RPM, this is the first high-speed reciprocating compressor powered by a +4,000 bhp gas engine independently developed in China.
The licensing agreement pertains to the manufacture and marketing of MHI's 4,450-kilowatt class gas engine, and MHI plans to expand licensed model variations once its business with the Chinese partner gets firmly on track.
Companies chose gas engines because they were cost effective, based on energy costs at the time of purchase, and/or because electrical power was unavailable.
Many engineers believe that the most promising, environmentally friendly car will be the hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), a car equipped with both a gas engine and an electric motor.
Tokyo, Japan, Aug 15, 2006 - (JCN) - Kawasaki Heavy Industries has developed the world's first 8MW gas engine.
The electric motor can run the car at slow speeds (as in the Toyota Prius) or work largely as a power booster to a smaller-than-usual gas engine (the Honda Civic Hybrid).
2-liter natural gas engine for use in small buses and light-duty trucks.