gas bomb

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a bomb laden with chemical agents that are released when the bomb explodes

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Following used rubber bullets and threw gas bombs to the family members, Israeli soldiers left from the scene.
A source inside the hospital told Daily News Egypt that the angry ex-husband of one of the nurses set off the tear gas bomb out of anger and also used formalin in the attack.
HAKKARy (CyHAN)- Turkish police used gas bomb when a group of masked men gathered in the evening hours in eastern Turkish province of Hakkari and caused tension in some neighborhoods in the city center.
NNA - 7/12/2011 - A Roumyeh jail inmate tossed a tear gas bomb on the maintenance square of the prison as 187 prisoners continued their hunger strike to demand commuting the prison sentence year.
A source inside the hospital told Daily News Egypt that the angry ex-husband of one of the nurses who set off the tear gas bomb out of anger, was arrested and is being questioned.
Understandably Kurds were angry at being denied their own homeland and started guerilla attacks which led to RAF gas bomb attacks on Kurdish villages.
Two members of a Japanese doomsday cult have been jailed for planting a cyanide gas bomb in a busy Tokyo subway station in 1995.
If the plane lands, a nerve gas bomb on board could wipe out the Eastern seaboard.
Police fires gas bomb and tear gas to disperse crowd waling to EU building in the city.
Ali said she saw one protester suffering from severe burns to his face and back due to being too close to a tear gas bomb.
LAST Sunday was the 15th anniversary of Saddam Hussein's horrific gas bomb attack on the Iraqi Kurds of Halabja.
SEVEN people were killed in a horror gas bomb attack at a disco in Lisbon early yesterday and 60 others taken to hospital.
They told WAFA that forces closed the main entrance of the town, turned the roofs of several Palestinian-owned houses into outposts, and showered the nearby residential areas and the protesters in a hail of tear gas bombs, injuring a 22-year-old Palestinian in the head after he was struck by a tear gas bomb in his head, in addition to six more injuries.
HEBRON, September 19, 2012 (WAFA) -- A 17-year-old PalestinianWednesday was severely injured by a gas bomb canister shot at him at close range by Israeli soldiers during confrontations in al-Fawwar refugee camp, south of Hebron, according to the injured Palestinian's father.
Palestinian medical sources reported that almost 30 people were treated for tear-gas inhalation and a photojournalist, Amer Abdeen, was injured when a gas bomb hit him in the leg.