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the quality of being wordy and talkative

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12) The distinction between volubility and garrulousness is made by Stout, "Mr.
These signs never attained the true status of a language, as the abbots of Cluny were well aware of the potential for excessive garrulousness amongst monks and novices using them.
With his mix of gravitas and garrulousness, Biden appears adequately armed to lead a repeal of the U.
We may be losing the capacity for social small-talk but our garrulousness on the weather knows no bounds.
For all the composer spoke of a "discourse between an individual and a crowd" the lack of a continuous texture or clear differentiation between soloist and orchestra was unsettling, and the sudden garrulousness of the cadenza wasn't enough of a release before the return of some of the opening material brought the work to a conclusion.
Taken together, these conditions may have contributed to Nixon's impromptu garrulousness and reporters' later misunderstanding or mischaracterization of his remarks.
Expressions of contempt for cosmetics and vanity (B4, F2, Fv), for tobacco (B4, Fv), for female garrulousness and gossip (D, D2v, F, Fv, F2, F3v, F4), for pedantry and too much study (C2v, F4, Hv), for ignorance and stupidity (B3, D, D3, D3v, F4v), for court values (Ev, H), and for pretentiousness of style (B2, Hv) can all be paralleled in Webster.
I must have been dropped into a vat of garrulousness when I was a baby.
I recall being dazzled by obscure presidential candidate Bill Clinton's astonishing grasp of governmental minutiae--and his garrulousness.
Woodhouse or the garrulousness of Miss Bates--a reaction found in those who admired the novel as well as those did not--they seem to be responding to a quality in Austen's "realism" that interrupts its regulatory drive.
Kenner's articulateness was proverbial, as was his garrulousness.
2) I discuss the figures of repetition and superfluity in "Outraged Recapitulation and Artful Garrulousness.